How to get more Sleep and Rest as a new parent

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June Chai Gathering – Sleep and Rest
The Top 5 Tips from the She Lives community are…
1. Sleep or rest during the day – if you can’t get to sleep for 20 minutes at least each day then at do something relaxing and gentle, raise your feet, read a book, listen to beautiful music…give your full prescence to nature and forget the list of chores.
2. Connect to your breath – practice deep abdominal nasal breathing as it will evoke the relaxation response and move you from adrenal to endorphin chemistry within your body.
3. Reprioritise in your mind – forget about the dishes, the messy floor etc… Endeavour to have one room clean and know that when you are rested and the brain waves have settled down you will be much more productive and creative and joyous!
4. Make dinner in the morning – fabulous for winter time…buy a crock pot and put everything yummy into it by 10am and voila you have dinner ready for the next 2 nights.
5. Sleep begets sleep – watch for your baby’s cues to sleep and respond to them quickly rather than wait for them to become overtired. Also, make sure the morning sleep is at home because it will set you up for the rest of the day.
What to do if you wake in the night and can’t get back to sleep or want to settle down in the day try this..
Nadi Shodan, or alternate nostril breathing is the most calming pranayam (yogic breathing practice) for our nervous systems and is incredibly simple. You can even do it lying down for a few rounds before you doze off again.
Close the right nostril and Inhale through the left.
Close the left nostril and Exhale through the right.
Inhale through the right and close the right, exhaling left.
Inhale left, exhale right
Inhale right, exhale left and so on….
Always finish with an exhale through the left side
International Association of Infant Massage – Alison Daemi link is here!

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