How to make your wishes come true…

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This full moon on Friday at 4.39pm is the pinnacle of the Vedic or yogic calender, Guru Purnima.
It’s a time to give thanks to the lineage of teachers that have taught us throughtout our lives, and that stretches all the way back to the beginning of time.
I like to remember all the inspiring characters and the dodgy ones too who have shone the way for me. It also like to acknowledge my wonderful parents, eveybody’s first gurus!
And also the suffering I’ve had to contest with that has also taught me great lessons.
All the lessons and the teachings transform in the light of the puja (fire) ultimately, leaving a pure white ash at the end,,, like the white light of the full moon.
The coolest thing about this moon is that you are able to ask for a wish, your deepest heart’s desire…something that will expand your state of happiness!
It is said that a boon is granted with the offering of your flower at the fire.
If you are coming to my yoga classes this Friday then you can make an offering at the alter, or perhaps light a candle at home and create your own little ritual.
Remember to go outside at some point in the night and bathe in the light of the full moon.

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