Imagine if your workplace paid for your She Births® course…

As you may already know, we have created a new, video based Online Course (and our app is close to complete). Our dream is to have She Births® available to every parent in the world – and this is the next step.

Are you ready?

Here at The Birthing Institute, we know that parenting is the most important job in the world. We believe in diversity, extending parenting leave and the inclusion of the #forgottenwomen.

Recently some families in the corporate world have been in touch. They want to pay it forward by making the online course available to their fellow employees. We absolutely love this idea!  And it made us think – you should totally get your boss to pay for your She Births® course.

Interested? Read on. Not your cup of tea? See you next week!

How does your work benefit if you do She Births®?

In Australia currently,  30% of women describe their birth as traumatic, 90% of families experience increased conflict in the year after birth and 2,000 men and women are diagnosed with pre or postnatal depression every week.

At She Births® we know that empowerment comes from knowledge. You make big decisions everyday of your working career and you do this on the back of research. Once you have the right information you can make the best decisions for you and your team. Guess what? Birth isn’t actually that different.

Birth is not a walk in the park. It can be tough for many and it can have a long lasting effect mentally and physically either in a negative or a positive way. You actually have far more agency around this than you realise.

A positive birth experience means that you recover well and get to enjoy your start on the parenting journey. It means you enjoy your parental leave, that your relationship with your baby and partner thrives and you can return to work ready to progress your career while being a great (#goodenough) parent.

Did you know that mums who have higher expectations of birth, along with education, are more likely to feel satisfied with their birth experience?

What is it your work pays for?

– 12 month subscription to our newly released Online Course

– Access to our private members only forum with fortnightly Q&A session with Nadine and a panel of experts

– Prenatal yoga

– Practical Birth Skills workshops at your work location

How do you explain She Births® to your boss?

While we know you know us, we thought we would help you by providing some conversation starters.

– we have been successfully preparing parents to have better births since 2008 and educate thousands every year around the globe.

– we are the only scientifically verified childbirth education course in the world, proven to improve birth outcomes for mother and baby.

– mums experience a 65% reduction in epidural because our natural pain relief methods are so effective.

– we equip you and your whole team with a comprehensive toolkit of knowledge and skills so that you all feel confident with a realistic, even excited anticipation to meet your baby.

– She Births® prepares parents for all types of births so that if things change during labour, you will be empowered to make the right decisions and have a positive birth no matter what happens. We have positive cesarean section packs, induction packs and more via our LMS.

Our own survey results show that getting prepared with She Births®

  • Lowers anxiety about birth and parenting
  • Creates a positive yet realistic expectations
  • Increases mum’s inner confidence and shifts her locus of control
  • Increases dad’s involvement during birth with a multi-faceted toolkit​
  • Builds communication and rapport with caregivers
  • Gives a couple conscious involvement in decision making​

So if you have already given birth with us, how about #payingitforward and helping others in your team feel awesome about their birth and parenting journey?

Thank you for being a part of our mission to make birth better for everyone!

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Love and Gratitude,

Nadine xxx

imagine if your work paid you
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