Are you looking for a deeper connection?

Following on from last week’s blog with Jo Schaeffer on the topic of perinatal anxiety and depression, we wanted to share two opportunities with you that can help you through the challenging journey of motherhood – in the form of much needed support and community.


Soul Mama Circle

I have been facilitating Soul Mama Circles in Bondi for over 8 years now, bringing together mums and bubs with like-minded conscious parenting values. A Soul Mama Circle is so much more than a typical mother’s group. It is a unique and intimate gathering where you can feel safe, supported and connected by sharing more than just your baby’s feed/sleep/poo routine. At our initial gathering, I provide topics for the coming weeks that will encourage conversations around self-care, relationships, and more, to encourage you to talk about your personal journey and how your identity as a woman is changing. Ultimately, a Soul Mama Circle is about traversing the highs and lows of the post natal period together; sharing wisdom, love and support.

The next Soul Mama Circle, and our last for the year, is on Tuesday 14 November. For more information and to book, click here. Spaces are limited.


Group Psychotherapy

If you are looking for something even deeper, with a more intimate connection with yourself and others, Jo Schaeffer is offering Group Psychotherapy in Woollahra – and we have a special offer for our She Births® community.

This group has been created for women anywhere on the journey of motherhood.


Jo Schaeffer explains:

Much of our mental health and wellbeing is based on our ability to take care of ourselves and be in relationship. Human beings are not born in isolation. We all need other people to help us develop and grow, to learn about ourselves and how to love and be in relationship. Psychotherapy provides the space to be able to work with both intrapsychic and relational dynamics to increase a person’s capacity for self-reflection, self-regulation, autonomy, spontaneity, intimacy and joy. This can help you feel a deeper connection with yourself and with the important people in your life.

Each person has a unique experience of belonging which forms within their family and social circles. This experience informs how we think and feel about ourselves and our relationships. Group psychotherapy provides an opportunity to work with relationship and social issues in the here and now. The group dynamic develops in a similar way to how people experience family or social group dynamics and therefore offers a unique opportunity to work therapeutically with repetitive relationship styles and patterns.

Due to the social nature of the group experience, it also has the potential to address issues of loneliness and isolation which are a normal part of our existential predicament but can become intensified and magnified during times of stress or great change – such as becoming a mum.

The psychotherapy group works openly so that you are transparent with each other about your reasons and purpose for being in the group. It has a here and now focus so you will be exploring your relationships with each other. The aim of Group therapy is to increase contact in relationship with yourself and with others, to work towards increasing autonomy and satisfaction in relationships.

Participating in a psychotherapy group can have the following benefits:

  • The opportunity to hear other people’s stories and experiences, to relate to others which softens the feelings of being “the only one”
  • Increased sense of self and awareness of your own inner life.
  • Explore and experiment with new ways of being with yourself and others
  • Hear how others see and hear you which might be different to your own self image
  • Reduced feelings of aloneness and isolation
  • A sense of belonging

Joining a Group

If you would like to join a group, we begin with an Intake Interview to assess your readiness for Group Therapy, to identify the main issues you want to work on in the group and to give you more information about what to expect from the group and how it works.

Where: Groups will be held at 44 Queen St Woollahra 2025

When: 10, 17, 24 November, 1, 8 and 15 December on Friday evenings 7-9:30pm.

Group size: Between 5-8 people per group.

Cost: Special offer of $70 per session – a total of $420 for 6 weeks (normally $540). Plus $150 for a 50 minute intake interview session.

Registrations close Monday 6 November.

You can learn more about Jo and psychotherapy at: www.evolveyourself.com.au

If you would like to register for Group Therapy please email [email protected]

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your situation, please contact Jo directly

Mobile: 0414 407 989
Email: [email protected]


are you looking for a deeper connection post
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