Mums n Bubs Yoga

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The Post natal or Mums n Bubs classes have a steady flow of 10 – 12 Mum’s which is great. The classes run from 12pm – 1.15pm every Wednesday.
For those Mum’s who have not made it to class or are not sure about them.
We try to create an environment which is soothing and calm yet adaptable to all the needs of Mother and Baby though out the class.
One of the core ingredients to this is the participation. Having a group of women who join together each week for a yoga practice with their babies creates the right energy for a healthy environment already full of nurturing and stabilizing qualities.
For those Mum’s who have been to class, already know that the dynamics are quite different to a ‘normal’ yoga class.
Having said that, yoga is the union of body and mind, and therefore there is no ‘normal’ class as all students of yoga learn to develop these skills of union to create space and stillness within. No matter what type or style of yoga you choose to do.
With the Post natal classes Mum’s are not only finding inner stillness but also developing their bonds with their babies and other Mother’s.
This communion is so important when you become a new parent. The days can be quite hard work sometimes and I am sure (as I remember) there are times when you just cant remember what you did with yourself before having a baby as they take up so much of your time and energy, as well as probably being at home for long periods of the time with just your own adult company.
With this in mind when you come to class it is also a time to talk and laugh together.
Of course there are the benefits of stretching and strengthening the body after labour, as well as the physiological benefits.
It is important to remember:
To come with an open mind that each week we are different (and so are our babies): Physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.
Therefore, we need to respect that our practice will also be challenged by these ever changing qualities.
That the baby’s needs are also met whether that means feeding (trying to feed before class is always a good option) or changing nappies or even walking around to sooth.
Sometimes we can involve the babies within the practice depending on your interest and the baby’s ages.
To know that this time you have taken to practice is also a deep and nurturing time for you! A healthy and happy mother will have a happy baby.
Finally to enjoy the space you come into at the Shala, and allow yourself to let go of whatever you might be holding onto.
In doing so, finding stillness within so you can be a strong and healthy parent.
Namaste, Sarah Moore (Pre natal, post natal and kids yoga teacher at the Shala)

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