My Top Ayurvedic Tips from India PK

I am back from my R & R adventure and have to say I am incredibly grateful for the experience, and to be home too ­čśë
India is an extraordinary country. It is quite hard to explain the dirt and chaos as well as all the wonderful colours and smiles…and especially all the wisdom that is both held and honoured there. There is a spirituality that permeates the whole place as well as a natural flow of ease and grace – even amongst the bustling and busy streets full of cars, cows and tuk-tuks.
Panchakarma with the Raju family in Hyderabad was very intense and deeply healing and balancing – I know that I will continue to reap it’s benefits over the next few months, and possibly years as my friends have told me they also have.
If you are interested in knowing more about this ancient process have a read here. There are many remedies being used,┬áespecially for women and fertility┬áthat have been passed down through generations. A┬ácolleague in England has had miraculous events happen from the ‘banana treatment’ that you can read about here.
Being massaged for a few hours everyday by two beautiful female practitioners was beyond amazing. This is not your average massage though – rather a specific and vigorous abyhanga. Many┬áother techniques applied are oils with herbs and plants that help nourish or draw toxins out of the body, open the subtle energy levels and balance the body/mind and endocrine/nervous systems. It is definitely true that every organ in the body can be accessed via the skin.
Yes I felt pretty amazing after 23 days of treatment and highly recommend this process for those who can afford the time away from their children and trust the ancient Ayurvedic path…because Indians don’t generally explain what they are doing and why it was sometimes a challenge for my western mind.
Here are few of my favourite pics – you can see more on facebook here

Anjani and Sunita were my technicians and tended to my every massage and need over the whole duration. The women of India seem to be one of the most strong and also the most beautiful in their flowing and colourful saris.

Laksmi making fresh dosa pancakes for breakfast. Even though I loved eating Indian food 3 times a day for a month I have also been enjoying a huge amount of sourdough toast since arriving home !

Children seem to learn about safety and motorbikes very early!

Top Ayurvedic Tips from PK

My top Ayurvedic tips from PK that are super easy to implement are:

  • Sip really hot water at least every half an hour. We started carrying around flasks with boiled water and continued to sip throughout the day. This melts toxins or ama and helps keep you hydrated. It is not so much about the quantity, rather the frequency that matters the most.
  • Care for the mouth every morning. The mouth is an area with many openings to the brain and the whole of the body. It is really important to scrape the white stuff from your tongue every day as this is undigested food. It is then recommended to brush the teeth and then do oil pulling. We used a herbal oil but you can also use a teaspoon of coconut oil and swish it in your mouth and between your teeth for about 15-20 minutes, then rinse your mouth with salted water. There are so many benefits to this, not just plaque removal. I always feel my mind is clearer as a result.

It was fantastic to know that things were progressing with She Births® while I was away working on my health and building of my pran ! Here is a short update and also information about our new CPD course for midwives and the upcoming Soul Mama Circles.

She Births® Film

We have made a start on the brand new She Births® Film. This will be truly inspiring and informative and completely different to all other videos about birth. We are eternally grateful to our first couple that have generously donated their birthing footage and the feedback from pregnant couples so far that have viewed it has been fantastic.
If you have any footage and would also like to help us educate and empower couples or perhaps you are pregnant and considering having your very own birthing film made as a keepsake – please be in touch to discuss ideas with me. We have the best cinematographers and editors working on it and really can’t wait to make a film that demonstrates that birth is beautiful in all scenarios, however it unfolds.

Australian College of Midwives

She Births was also approved by the Australian College of Midwives as a registered Continuing Professional Development program. So midwives can attend a face to face course or do the online course and receive 13.5 points toward their education. We will also be giving 10% of all monies collected here to our charities.

How to create a beautiful birth

Please join my talk ‘The 3 Pillars to creating a Beautiful Birth Experience’ next week – Saturday 26th September 1.30-3pm. For this talk I will be asking for a donation and all monies collected will be given to our charities.
You and your partner will discover:

  • The essential knowledge needed to transform fear into confidence
  • The many ancient and effective inner resources women have been utilising since the beginning of time that minimise the duration and pain of childbirth
  • All the evidence based tools and techniques┬áfor partners to help labour progress and to make your team work flow seamlessly on the big day

Soul Mama Circles

If you have a new babe in arms are keen to meet up with other like minded mums…Then make sure you don’t miss out on being a part of our next truly beautiful Soul Mama Circle

Booking She Births® Courses

Looking forward to seeing you online or at a course soon!
xxx Nadine

nadine in india
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