Sex after babies!

Remember the no. 1 problem survey I sent out…well the top 2 problems our community of women are facing right now are…
1. Connection, time, intimacy and relationship with partner
2. Starting daycare
I just LOVE a taboo subject and we’ve created a great one at our next Chai Gathering (CG)! Sex after babies….I know it’s not the key to intimacy but it is a big part of it as we all know. It can be challenging getting back into the swing of things after giving birth….hard to find the time, the energy, the interest after you’ve been climbed all over like a play gym for the whole day 😉
I have invited Renee Scott, the founder and director of the Pilates and Wellbeing studio, Balance Moves along. She will be sharing some really great body and mind tips for reconnecting, strengthening and healing the pelvic floor. We will also give away a private pilates session and a 5 session pilates pass! AWESOME
Naomi Abeshouse from the Red Tent will be joining us too, talking about how to build up your qi, or energy after birth so that you can develop an authentic sex drive again! There’s nothing like a bit of sleep deprivation to chip away at that one, so I know lots of mums (and dads) that would really like to know how a mum can build it up again.
As this is evovling into an online and offline mother’s circle of wisdom I’d love to hear from you too. I hope to give some great tips back to our community as I won’t be sharing a video of the CG this time. (And all names will be kept confidential of course)
What would be really helpful for other mums who are trying to work out what is ‘normal’ is perhaps…..
When was it the right time to have sex after you gave birth?
How was the experience?
How have you healed physically?
Have you had to work through any issues?
Are you still facing some problems?
Any words of wisdom you would like to share with other mums, particularly those who are pregnant?
Look forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon,,, after we get back from paradise aka. Bali.
xx Nadine
Please note the date change for CG-10:
Tuesday 13th September (not the 6th Sept.)
Women only please! (Bumps, bubs, toddlers are all great too)
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