SPECIAL EVENT | Transform your conception, birth and parenthood journey

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The desire to have a baby, and the anticipation of giving birth, can feel overwhelming. I remember when I was pregnant my days were filled with stress and so much advice!! It can drive you crazy and you start to worry if you are passing all that worry through to your baby and your head gets filled with more and more negative stories.

When Nicole Mapu told me she was hosting an interview series all about making and birthing babies, I jumped at the opportunity to be involved as a guest speaker. Myself and other amazing experts from around the world; Debra Pascali Bonaro (Orgasmic Birth), Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova (Birth Into Being) and many more have come together to help you experience a better journey.

This was born out of Nicole’s own personal passion project to find out how strong, smart, wild, powerful, and ‘everyday’ women are bringing children into this world safely, with freedom, and lots of powerful pleasure!

The interview series is called: FREEDOM BIRTH REVOLUTION: Activate your Body, Mind, and Spirit, for the MOST Blissful, Transformational and Safe CONCEPTION, BIRTH and PARENTHOOD JOURNEY you and your baby are meant to have!

And just for being a part of the She Births® community we have a FREE TICKET for you to attend.

You can access your ticket here.

This special online event is for women (and their partners) who are excited to conceive and birth their baby while also dealing with the concerns and overwhelm that come up with all the options, stories, opinions.

You’ll hear from 21 experts from across the globe who are all powerful revolutionary women: midwives, conception/fertility coaches, childbirth educators, sexual healing and sexuality experts.

This Interview Series helps put conception and birth back into your hands. It aims to empower you to be in control of your own life-giving journey by manifesting the birth experience that’s right for you, and helps prepare you for your journey into parenthood.

This is a really great opportunity for anyone who wants to become a mum, or is already a mother, or simply if you are passionate about birth and changing the world one baby at a time!

Join us on this juicy and inspiring educational ride where you will discover the power we have as women becoming mothers!

Access your comp ticket here.


Love and gratitude,
Nadine xxx

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