Supporting emerging groups…

I am traditionally not one to become political. I am a Gen-X Aussie – mostly I hold the attitude of ‘what’s the point’ and/or ‘she’ll be right’….But, there are some things worth getting a little noisy about…like same sex marriage and homebirth!
I have run commitment ceremonies for same sex couples and cried so much it was ridiculous – border line unprofessional – and for the birth of Leroy we employed our own independent midwife at 37 weeks! I know that if my midwife hadn’t spent the hours and hours and hours with me and told me how much she believed in me I would have had a very different birth experience.
So, I really do not like the word minority groups! It seems to marginalise and minimise the importance of political change we all need to take a part in. These groups are not minorities but rather emerging groups causing us all to grow and expand our hearts and minds. Part of nature’s evolutionary plan. Part of the global world with all it’s colours and choices.
As some of you know, I come from a Catholic (mum) and Medical (Dad, Step mum) backgrond and have been highly influenced by all of them. At home catholicism was always taught with a little ‘c’ rather than a capital ‘C’ where the true meaning of the word catholic is ‘all inclusive’. (The awesome catholic school my mum runs has over 50 different nationalities and has had muslim and aboriginal school captains.) Similarly, the first lore of the Hippocratic oath is ‘First. Do no harm’ and nowhere is this more true than with birth, because it is not a medical disease or ailment. (Thanks Dad for encouraging me to employ and for paying the midwife bill ;))
Over the last 10 years studying and attending births I also learnt the origin of the word obstetrican, which comes from the latin meaning ‘to observe ‘ and that the word midwife is a verb meaning ‘one who facilitates birth’.
Somewhere along the path of time it seems to me that people and institutions have come into power and have distorted the true meanings and teachings of love and healing on our planet. This is a part of life but as a result we, the commoners need to change.
We need to remember firstly not to the throw the baby out with the bathwater – to continue our spiritual practices whatever they are and to continue our support of science and medical developments, but to not allow ourselves to be spoonfed. We mus all do the research, educate ourselves and if we ever get the chance to speak up or to vote the go the path of expansion and inclusion.
Wishing you all a very blessed Easter.
Nadine xxx
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