Blog| She Births® the past 10 years, the present and the future by Nadine

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Blog 10 year anniversary

I can’t quite believe it has been 10 years since She Births® began. That first Sunday was a simple cup of tea and a ‘birthing chat’ in my lounge room with two very dear friends, who went on to birth their little girl in a room of love and who also became my first goddaughter.


Today, well you know what we do and who we are and what I stand for. My vision and my amazing team. There have been big challenges along the way but there is much to celebrate and even more to be grateful for.


I am humbled by how much we have achieved just this last year with the HCF Trial, new Online Program, Podcast, new app, new community forums, new staff…all the while teaching & supporting hundreds of families around the world. We have been supported by so many of you to be here today. Thank you. Every one of you is special in this sacred community. Particularly because you are the early adopters and change makers. The believers and the leaders. You think outside the box, like us, and won’t be told what your birth or life is going to be like by external forces.


So as we grow, with your help, know that you also allow more families awaken to their innate power. To have better births – more enriching, empowering and loving transitions into family life. And awakening to that power continues to ripple into so many other areas of life and brings a transformation around the globe.


2019 is going to bring more change and growth as we expand into new places and start to shift the conversation about birth in the workplace and also in the developing world. I hope we can continue to awaken the true spirit of birth for many years to come and I hope that birth continues to be seen as a sacred teacher She is.


Birth has taught me so much over the years. About the power of love and the power of stillness, the power of connection and support, the power of surrender and letting go and most of all, the power of faith.


I hope you join us in person or in spirit this Wednesday at our Christmas celebration as we make a toast in gratitude to the power of birthing, the power of woman and Nature.


Xxx Nadine


Photo credit: Kath McLean Bright Photography

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