This just in! Meghan Markle plans to use “natural coping techniques” for labour

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Megan Markle on Natural Labour-SheBirths

Meghan Markle could well become the poster mama for She Births®!


For those eagerly awaiting news of the next royal baby, here’s an interesting tidbit from recent news. According to “sources” Meghan Markle is reportedly going to use natural coping mechanisms for her (very) upcoming labour.

“Meghan is determined it will be a totally natural experience and she’s insisting absolutely no pain relief,” a source told New! Magazine.

“She’s practising a series of yoga labour coping techniques that mainly focus around breathing patterns and also chanting in rhythm to overcome pain.”

Go, Megan!

Yoga Labour Coping Techniques


She Births® founder Nadine Richardson says she’s delighted to hear Meghan’s approach.

“Meghan is on the right track! There’s plenty you can do to work with labour and it’s actually not just about coping techniques,” says Nadine.

She Births® has developed unique breathing and yoga techniques that are extremely effective and through surveys, we know that our women are utilising breathing and yoga and spiralling above massage acupressure and visualisation. They all work though! You never what you are going to use over the long unfolding landscape of birth.”


Good luck, Meghan we just can’t wait to hear how your birth unfolds!fertility-yoga-product


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