Enjoy our masterclass with Founder & Certified Educators

Join a 'hands on' Masterclass in a small group of likeminded families. Our proven and unique antenatal classes have helped over 12,000 parents create a beautiful birth since 2008.

Create your beautiful birth today!

Join our Founder and Educators for an exclusive In Person Masterclass

Expert-led ZOOM session after your course

Interactive activities and demonstrations

resource kit

She Births® is the most comprehensive childbirth education program available – providing you and your partner with a toolkit of skills to support you through pregnancy, labour and your journey into parenthood. Nadine teaching a weekend course.

Embark on a transformative journey into parenthood with our exclusive one-day antenatal course 

We know that it's hard to learn everything online and in time for birth.
We also how important it is to have some face to face time in the preparation for birth.
That is why we have created a hybrid course so you and your partner can be fully prepared for the big day in the easiest and most convenient way possible.
You will leave our course
  • Feeling confident that your birth partner has all the tips and techniques to provide the best pain relief
  • Able to ask any tricky questions that arise as birth day gets closer
  • Learn how to avoid a medical induction with natural methods
  • Receive our 100+page Guidebook filled with cheatsheets and so much more
  • Gain access to the Full Online Course so you can learn before and after the Masterclass and review at anytime
  • Enjoy Support Sessions before and after the face to face workshop
  • Access exclusive resources online

This Masterclass is perfect for you if you and your partner:

Prefer to learn the essentials in one day

Want to do some online learning before and after from home

Are anytime between 22-40 weeks

Want an adaptable course to different birthing environments

Pregnant a second time and need a refresher

Have signed up to a hospital course or another program but need more practical knowledge and tools

Before you come to the Mastcrclass

Watch Modules 1-3 of the Full Online Course so you understand some of the basics of anatomy, physiology, nervous system & stages of labour.

All the practical tools and techniques will be taught during the course. Module 4 can be completed after the Masterclass.

Group sizes?

Spaces are strictly limited so you can benefit from an intimate environment. There will be plenty of time for questions while also mingling with other awesome families and staying COVID safe.

 Already doing the Full Online Course? Add this workshop FOR ONLY $400 contact us if interested

1 Day Masterclass + Full Online Course + Zoom Workshop $797

Our Masterclass includes all the Online Resources and Cheat Sheets plus printed Guidebook and Member Rewards plus Goody Bag

Sign up today and discover unique strategies for every stage of labour and how you can create a beautiful birth together, no matter what unfolds

She Births® Full Online Course Module One viewed on different devices and as print outs
She Births® cheat sheet tearouts

10am - 6pm

Limited places are available!

Come along and meet like-minded families. Bring your own yoga mats, fit ball and pens for note-taking and questions!

We believe in our online learning experience so much that it is even 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Just watch the first module and get fully reimbursed if you are not satisfied!

Workshops for support and Q&A are held on Zoom with Founder or Educator after your Masterclass.

1 Day Masterclass + Full Online Course + Zoom Workshop from $697

Kind Words

We did a refresher course with Nadine from She Births. It was really great to chat to her about any fears I had surrounding birth. Anything that happened in previous births that I wanted to try to avoid again. Even what I loved about my other births and what I would do differently. She gave us a lot of really good advice and tools and all the breathing exercises the visualizations. She talked to me about different ways Mackie could support throughout that whole process. It was really beneficial. Even if you've given birth before, you can always learn new things. Things have always changed since the last time you gave birth. There's a lot more information and new studies, things that maybe the system used to advise but may not now. Mackie and I worked together so well. He really supported me throughout and kept me calm and kept me focusing on my breath. 


Kate Gudinski

Co Host @talkingincommon

You are beyond amazing at what you do, and your work is invaluable! Facilitating our one-day course with such grace whilst instilling firm boundaries, was really inspirational to me. And also got us thinking about the boundaries we will be setting for our birth. You really hold your own with such professionalism and strength - it clearly isn’t your first rodeo. Thanks again for an amazing course. We’re feeling very inspired to practice what we’ve learned and share it with everyone we know. I couldn’t recommend She Births higher!

Courtney xx



She Births Mama

 When I learned of Nadine Rishardson's @shebirths childbirth education program I knew what I wanted more than anything was to connect more deeply to my own pregnancy.
Throughout the weekend of childbirth education my partner Erez and I began to feel more confident, more prepared and more excited for the upcoming birth. The tools learned during the weekend made us both feel more prepared to anything which may unfold during labour and beyond.


Alegra Ally & Himba women

Alegra Ally

Film director

After our She Births® Private Antenatal Course I felt like I could achieve anything. We felt so empowered but most of all so connected to each other and ready to take on whatever lay ahead. The techniques Nadine taught us to deal with labour helped me to see that. It truly was an incredible experience.


Natalie Bassingthwaighte

Natalie Bassingthwaighte

Recording Artist

‘We would recommend She Births® to everyone. Everyone. From our hearts, this is the most important thing to do before you have a baby. Especially for the husbands. Seriously, you have to do it. You learn how to be a supportive birthing partner and feel like you’re a part of the birth, where you’re actually contributing.’



Zoe & Benji Marshall

TV Host & NRL Player

She Births® is kind of like spiritual conscious parenting school - and totally practically too. If you are pregnant - just do it! I don't even know how you would go through the birthing process without She Births®! It is literally so important. The whole course was incredible. Everything you need to know about birth is covered; the pregnancy, stages of labour, post-birth, breastfeeding. We have read a lot so we were already really skilled up but there was so much we hadn't done together.


Melissa Ambrosini

Melissa Ambrosini


I had such a positive birth experience. I still have that feeling of WOW - we did it! For me knowledge is power and it allows me to feel really comfortable. There was so much I didn't know before doing She Births®. We did a lot of work with Nadine about birth and about postpartum too, which was key. I loved what I learnt and it really changed the way I approached birth. Support in the room is everything too. There is no way I would have had the outcome that I had if I didn't have a support team. You need people to advocate for you when you can't. I think we started our relationship with Beau on such a great note because I felt so empowered and so excited to meet him. It was a fantastic way to embark on the journey as a mother.


Deborah Symond O'Neil, Founder Mode Sportif, with Ned and Nadine Richardson

Deborah Symond O'Neil

Founder Mode Sportif

‘Such an amazing course and so much knowledge jammed into 2 full on days! We both now feel prepared and ready for the birth of our little baby boy.’.


Kiera Rumble

Kiera Rumble

@krumbledfoods @habitualbeauty.co

‘I wanted to send you a message to say a massive thank you for your incredible course, that helped us so much before, during and after labour (I have so much more to say on that!) and to introduce you to our beautiful little girl, Marigold Arundhati Melody Love, born 31 Jan, weighing 9.03lbs after 3 hours of active labour (and after a lunch and dinner of eggplant parmigiana!). The whole experience was incredible! Thank you for the part you played. I’ve been terrified of birth since I was a child and your course got me from a fearful place to feeling absolutely in awe of what I was able to do in labour. ’


Lauren Godfrey

Lauren Godfrey

Vedic Meditation Teacher

‘We took the She Births® course when I was pregnant with Indi and it was such a pivotal piece piece in our pregnancy journey leading up to the births. Supporting both Tony and I to be prepared, aligned and empowered for the iniatation that is birth ’.


Jess Osie

Jess Osie

Vedic Meditation, Wisdom & Motherhood

‘In one single day She Births® completely revolutionised our perceptions, giving us another reality of birth that is natural, joyous and ecstatic. Nadine is an incredibly sincere and gifted teacher. She combines her personal experience with modern science and timeless wisdom. As a man I felt it was the most vital preparation I could have done.’.


Gary Gorrow

Gary Gorrow

Meditation Teacher

‘She Births® was just what we were looking for in birth education – the perfect blend of nature and science. My husband felt so comfortable, confident and excited after. Nadine is real, no BS and gave us practical tools (good for the blokes) and reaffirmation that I was born to birth beautifully.’


Peta Kelly

Peta Kelly

Author, Social Entrepreneur

"Nadine Richardson and her course She Births® is a lovely mix of Buddhism, yoga, science, and street sense! Her emphasis on the idea of 'daddy doula' also enables the partner in the equation to step in and feel a stronger connection throughout both the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period."



Julia Ashwood

Founder of The_Vista

I wanted to go to the course and learn about natural birth. It was an amazing experience to bond with Jess and to learn how to support her. Without the course I wouldn’t have known any of those things. The hospital based courses didn’t provide any of that information. Birth was a really beautiful experience. I felt I could really support Jess – not just physically but emotionally too.

Dr Jason Kaplan

Dr Jason Kaplan


She Births® reminds us guys that we don't need to be afraid… I’m not exaggerating when I say that within the space of these two-days, your perspective of giving birth (and possibly your life) will change forever and for the better. Mine did. Nadine is the real deal!

Matt & Naomi Noffs

Matt & Naomi Noffs


The education I got as the role of the man from the Online Course was incredible. I was empowered to be the doula for a large part of the birth and this was such a revelation. The impact that has had on my parenting and in my relationship with Carla has been extraordinary.

Jonni Pollard & Carla DiMattina

Jonni Pollard & Carla DiMattina


Thank you also for all you do (and did for us). Whilst my births weren’t necessarily worthy of “poster child status” with She Births®, they were a million times better than they would have been had we not have met you. The confidence you gave me in birthing was amazing- to be honest, I probably would have gone straight down the path of C-Section if I hadn’t met you, such was my fear.

Erica Berchtold

Erica Berchtold

CEO The Iconic

The birth of my daughter is by far the most empowering experience and I know this was made possible by the confidence and knowledge my husband and I got from the two-day She Births® program. I'm so appreciative of having met Nadine at this very important moment of my life. I like to say that I help mothers bloom...well I'd like to thank Nadine for helping ME bloom into the mother that I am today. The work that she does is truly amazing!


Camille Elise and David

Elise Clement

Life coach & Wellbeing Consultant

She Births® was a great all-encompassing course for us because it seamlessly mixes medical facts with all the natural, hippy stuff we like too. The number one takeaway for us was how much the birth partner gets out of it and is able to be confident and supportive leading up to, after birth and most importantly - on the day.


Chris & Nicole Nelius. Founder & Director @thelionsshare @finchcompany

Chris & Nicole Nelius

Founder & Director @thelionsshare @finchcompany

It is an incredible resource for partners as it shows how the main support person is in fact them. I now feel totally empowered to play that role. I'm really excited to be a part of it and Melissa really knows I have got her.


Nick Broadhurst

Nick Broadhurst


As a first time mum, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking for in birth education. In the end, after person after person recommended She Births® to me, I went for it, and I don’t think I could have found anything more perfect. She Births® offers a blend of science and nature, practical tools and mindfulness. It prepared and empowered both me and my partner for ‘us’ as a birthing team. We walked out of each class feeling so excited. More importantly, it prepared us for any birth with any manner of unexpected twists and turns. In the end, there were some twists and turns, but this did not for one second mean both my births were not empowering, held, magical and transformative. Both births were a dream come true. Nadine Richardson has devised a truly incredible course. She brings a wealth of knowledge, deep insight and decades of experience. I am eternally grateful for what She Births® brought to my experience of birth and I couldn’t recommend it more highly to anyone!.



Jessy Chapnik Kahn & Nadav Kahn. Musicians, Actor & Writer

Jessy Chapnik Kahn & Nadav Kahn

Musicians, Actor & Writer

She Births® was so transformational for me, I was really afraid of birth before doing Nadine's course and it changed my whole perspective on birth. I did her course twice - for both my babies, who were both born complication free in water just how I envisioned my births to be..’.


Jessica d'Abadie

Jessica d'Abadie

Co-founder of Interior Studio @wearetriibe

What You Will Receive

Transformative & Practical

Our Face-to-Face One Day Masterclass is ideal for you and your partner.

Discover our famous 'tool kit' that will give you extraordinary pain relief plus help prevent a posterior labour, help naturally induce labour, prevent tearing and empower your team for an amazing start to breastfeeding and parenting.

Includes Full Online Course

Our Full Online Course gives you immediate access to easy learning plus lets you review all elements whenever you want - so you don't forget the tools right up until birth!

Enjoy learning anywhere and anytime, at your own pace, even on the commute to work. Watch it all with your birth partner by scheduling a date night once or twice a week. Learn parts of it alone, then ask your partner to watch key elements later.

Expert-Led Zoom Session

Our zoom session is a fantastic way to help you navigate the sometimes complex journey towards your beautiful birth. We find having the combination of online then live followed by an integration zoom session allows couples to learn in a more relaxed and calm way.

Our Zoom session is scheduled Thursday 5.30-7.30pm and is also recorded, for participants to access later if needed. Sessions generally occur 24 days after the Masterclass but can also happen earlier if needed.

A 100+ page She Births® Complete Guidebook

This She Births® Complete Guidebook filled with cheat sheets helps you integrate and practice what you’ve learnt easily.

Our comprehensive toolkit of knowledge and skills means you avoid feeling overwhelmed by conflicting advice from various sources.

Our Private Community online

Our Private Community Online is a hub of support and conversation that you can access for simple questions of our tribe like where to find the best pram bargains... but also talk to our Founder, doulas and midwives in the lead up to birth.

Course Value

Total Value: $1,397

Your investment ONLY $797

You save $600!

She Births®, when compared to hospital courses, is proven to create a...

65% Reduction In Epidural

44% Reduction In C-Section

50% Reduction In Augmentation

53% Reduction In Resuscitation


My husband James and I thoroughly enjoyed your one-day course. We really felt this was invaluable to our learning and preparation for our upcoming birth.

Initially, we were hesitant to do the online course, thinking we would learn better by a face-to-face weekend workshop. However, we really enjoyed watching the videos online (so well put together and you are so well-spoken and easy to watch and understand).

It was great that we could take it at our own pace and when we felt we had the time and focus. I also feel the concepts perhaps sunk in a little deeper since it was spread out over time.

The one-day Masterclass was then the perfect recap of the most important things we had learnt online and it was really fantastic to put all the hands-on techniques into action and start practising. And for dad to be corrected at times by you.

We came away from it feeling very empowered and excited for our upcoming birthing experience. Your courses really do highlight the beauty and magnificence of labour and birth and remove so much of the fear around it. 

It really was a fantastic afternoon and I will 100% be recommending your online and one-day Masterclass to all friends and family.

Edwina and James

Jessica Turner

She Births® prepares women with more realistic ideas of what to expect during labour

Jessica Turner 10 Eyewitness News

1 Day Masterclass + Full Online Course + Zoom Workshops $797

She Births® One Day Masterclass With Certified Educators

Our Full Online Course plus a One Day Masterclass with our Certified Educators
$ 697 10 hours Face to Face
8 hours Online
  • Includes all content from the Full Online Course
  • Post Course Zoom Consultation
  • Visualisations for deep relaxation and self hypnosis
  • Includes Cleansing Calming and Gentle Birthing Breaths
  • Conscious decision making when at a crossroads
  • Setting up for birth at home & hospital
  • Active birthing, breathing techniques
  • Curated birth stories. Perfect to inspire you and your partner to understand and prepare for the reality of birth
  • Printable Resources and downloads

Most Popular - Valued at $1,397

She Births®One Day Masterclass With Founder Nadine

Get ready to create your beautiful birth with our most popular scientifically verified She Births® Full Online Course Plus a Face-to-Face One Day Masterclass
$ 797 10 hours Face to Face
8 hours Online
  • One Day Face-to-Face Masterclass
  • Includes all content from the Full Online Course
  • A personalised and highly practical Q & A birth planning session after the course
  • 100+ Individual Essential Videos
  • Visualisations, videos & downloads
  • Ultimate Pregnancy Yoga Class
  • Curated birth stories. Perfect to inspire you and your partner to understand and prepare for the reality of birth
  • A lifetime of access to our Facebook community
  • PLUS: Bonus resources

She Births® Two Day Weekend Course

Get ready to create a beautiful birth, vaginal or c-section, with our Two Day Weekend Course
$ 797 14 hours Face to Face
  • 16 hour certified educator face-to-face course
  • Includes all content from the Full Online Course
  • Learn how your partner can provide the best pain relief easily throughout
  • A personalised and highly practical Q & A birth planning session
  • Discover the best strategies that will work for you in every stage of labour
  • Learn strategies to set up your house
  • Discover strategies to help prevent a posterior labour (the biggest cause of c-section)
  • Bonus resources, visualisations & goodies
Weekend COURSE

She Births® welcomes all families
Solo mums, same sex couples, elective caesarean and elective epidural mums to our birthing classes. With the right preparation, everyone can create a beautiful birth, no matter what unfolds.

Empowerment Through Education

Play Video

The She Births® method allows a deep transformation to take place within every couple. The process fosters a sense of trust in birth and security in each other.

Not only are these factors critical to creating a more natural and beautiful birth experience, but also in creating the foundation for stronger, more resilient families going forward.

The course has also been recognised by the British Medical Journal after the 2016 study showed a 65% reduction in epidural rates and a 44% reduction in caesareans.

Download the Research

1 Day Masterclass + Full Online Course + Zoom Workshop $797

Weekend Birthing Class Feedback
95% of couples say She Births® allowed them to connect more deeply with each other and communicate more effectively with their caregiver
Weekend Birthing Class Feedback
100% of couples say they enjoyed the Weekend Course
Weekend Birthing Class Feedback
98% of couples say that She Births® allowed them to create a beautiful birth, no matter what unfolded
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Birth is always going to be challenging. Being informed and prepared makes all the difference.
Nadine Richardson
Nadine Richardson
Founder of She Births®
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Do you want to feel Calm and Connected to yourself and your baby?

Let go of the guilt, worries, doubts and fears with this simple meditation.

Discover ways to connect with your baby and your inner guidance with Nadine Richardson, Founder of She Births®.

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