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Our Weekend Courses are run by Nadine Richardson, founder of She Births®, and a team of passionate She Births® Certified Educators, who also work as highly skilled midwives or doulas.

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Anywhere, Anytime. The She Births® Online Course guides you through everything you and your partner need to know in preparation for birth, and early parenting.

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Hi, I’m Nadine Richardson,

Founder and CEO of The Birthing Institute and creator of She Births®

I’m a mother, childbirth educator, labour assistant (doula), and have been a prenatal yoga teacher for over 20 years. I am the director of The Birthing Institute and creator of the She Births® program.

She Births® is a holistic, evidence-based birth course for pregnant couples that I developed within my local community of Bondi Beach, Sydney. Since its humble beginnings, She Births® has now grown into an internationally recognised, and scientifically verified, birth course that has been completed by thousands of expecting parents around the world.

When my son was born I have to say, like many women do, the experience of labour shocked me! Even after 12 weeks of birth education I felt like my partner and I were not prepared to navigate the intensity and complexity of birth, or, for the challenges that came along afterwards.

After many years of attending births, and influenced by my medically trained family, I became inspired to develop a comprehensive birth course that makes a real difference.

Although the statistics show that She Births® is the most successful program in the world for improving birth outcomes, it arose purely from a deep desire to improve the quality of people’s lives and support new families – and for me, the biggest success of She Births® is that we empower couples to create a beautiful birth experience, no matter what unfolds.


She Births® is the most comprehensive childbirth education program available – providing you and your partner with a toolkit of skills to support you through pregnancy, labour and your journey into parenthood.   We cover everything you need to know about the birth process and how you and your partner can work together as a team by using active birthing, yoga, massage, acupressure, breathing, relaxation techniques and more, to reduce pain and achieve a safer and faster delivery. We also discuss nutrition and ways to prepare your body inside and out for an optimal birth.

She Births® is the first and only childbirth education program in the world that is scientifically verified to lower epidural rates (65%), caesarean section rates (44%) as well as resuscitation of babies (53%) and even shorten labour by 32 minutes. Find out more about this ground-breaking study here, which was published in the British Medical Journal.



The She Births® Online Program guides you through everything you and your partner need to know in preparation for birth, and early parenting. There are 4 modules made up of short, engaging videos with Nadine Richardson. How you view the content is up to you – grab your dates and coconuts (you’ll understand that soon), and have a birth prep binge over the weekend, or spread it out over 4-6 weeks. With 12 months’ access, you can pause, rewind and review the content as many times as you like.


✔️Navigate our scientifically verified, holistic and comprehensive program easily and on-the-go

✔️Stay up-to-date with positive birth stories, expert interviews and the latest research from around the world.

✔️Not just an education program, the She Births® community is your support network for early parenthood and beyond.

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In 2015, the She Births® antenatal education program was scrutinised in large randomised controlled trials within two mixed demographic hospitals in Sydney, Australia. The study was conducted by Western Sydney University and the National Institute of Complementary Medicine.

The She Births® program was chosen for this study because it incorporates more complementary medicine modalities than other childbirth courses and our own private normal birth rates are so high (83%).

This groundbreaking research highlights dramatic improvements for the Study group, who received the She Births® program, in comparison to the Control group who received the standard hospital birth preparation course.

Results were published in British Medical Journal and Midwifery Journal in 2016.

  • 65% reduction in epidural rates
  • 44% reduction in caesarean sections
  • 50% reduction in medical augmentation using artificial means
  • 53% reduction in resuscitation of babies
  • 12% reduction in perenial trauma


Giving the body 20 minutes of deep rest every day is essential when preparing for birth. Experience your relaxation response, rest, recharge and reset with this Quick Connection Visualisation for busy mums-to-be.

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Trying to explain the benefits of good childbirth education to a reluctant partner isn’t always easy. Birth may be ‘women’s business’, but that doesn’t mean dad should be on the sidelines.

DOWNLOAD our easy to share, printable PDF if he needs some extra love before getting on board.


Want to understand the facts, but find trawling through pages of data exhausting? Understand the scientific verification behind She Births® without breaking your brain.

Our simple PDF DOWNLOAD takes you through the BMJ & Midwifery Journal papers step-by-step.


A unique combination of qi gong, yoga and breathing techniques designed to enhance fertility and balance the nervous and endocrine systems.

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  • Develop deep abdominal strength while maintaining an outer softness
  • Enhance fertility and maintain femininity
  • Open heart and embrace change
  • Release collected tension in the hips and other fascial adhesions
  • Integrate traditional and linear alignment to avoid hyperextension
  • Align pelvis and balance nervous and endocrine systems
  • Work with injury and promote self healing
  • Feel clear in mind and body for a stronger, more empowered life



These circles are the coming together of mums and bubs on a weekly basis. Each gathering is an opportunity where you can feel safe and supported in each others confidentiality and listening. A place for connection and growth where a woman can share about her child but also about her personal journey too. Topics are set and discussed each week including sleep, self care, relationship changes and more.

“It is four years on now, and we are still going strong. We all feel so grateful for the creation of our Circle. We love it and so do the children.”

Zoe & Benji Marshall - TV Host & NRL Player

'We would recommend She Births® to everyone. Everyone. From our hearts, this is the most important thing to do before you have a baby. Especially for the husbands. Seriously, you have to do it. You learn how to be a supportive birthing partner and feel like you're a part of the birth, where you're actually contributing.'


Gary Gorrow – Meditation Teacher

'In one single day She Births® completely revolutionised our perceptions, giving us another reality of birth that is natural, joyous and ecstatic. Nadine is an incredibly sincere and gifted teacher. She combines her personal experience with modern science and timeless wisdom. As a man I felt it was the most vital preparation I could have done.'



Natalie Bassingthwaighte - Recording Artist, Actress

'After our She Births® Private Course I felt like I could achieve anything. We felt so empowered but most of all so connected to each other and ready to take on whatever lay ahead. The techniques Nadine taught us to deal with labour helped me to see that. It truly was an incredible experience.'


Peta Kelly - Author, Social Entrepreneur

'She Births® was just what we were looking for in birth education - the perfect blend of nature and science. My husband felt so comfortable, confident and excited after. Nadine is real, no BS and gave us practical tools (good for the blokes) and reaffirmation that I was born to birth beautifully.'