Pip Johnson

After undertaking the She Births® course and having the opportunity to implement all that I learned through the birth of my first baby, I felt so passionately that all women need the knowledge and tools available through She Births. Without it, couples may go in to what’s arguably the most important experience of their lives blind…potentially missing the opportunity to make it the most beautiful and enjoyable event.

I am a registered psychologist and have spent much of my working life in the corporate sector, in part delivering training to managers and leaders. I jumped at the opportunity to use my experience as a training facilitator to deliver She Births® as believe it truly has the ability to change a couple’s life by starting their journey as parents in such a positive way.

As a psychologist, there are two aspects of She Births® that really resonated with me…one is the critical role that the mind plays in a woman’s experience of childbirth. Childbirth is often framed very simplistically as a medical / physical process, but this description misses a large piece of the puzzle. The second aspect that struck a chord for me is the idea that every woman is different and will require different tools and strategies to get through the challenges of labour. No one knows how they’ll respond until they are in the throws of it! She Births® caters for our individual differences by providing women with a complete toolbox of strategies, rather than provide one key strategy like many other childbirth education programs.

I am very proud to deliver She Births® to couples within Singapore and feel that given the high levels of intervention, it is a location in which the need for childbirth education is particularly great. I am excited to share the wisdom of She Births® with couples across Singapore from 2017 onwards.

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