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These Ayurvedic kits have been especially crafted by Ayurvedic practitioner, Dylan Smith for She Births mums to support them with breastmilk supply and energy and repair after birth. We have found these remedies highly successful when mum has low milk supply and extremely important after a scheduled c-section to ensure mum has the readiness to feed.

We highly recommend that these medicines are used as close to birth as possible to ensure their effectiveness.  Please email Dylan to know more about these resources and discover further ayurvedic tips for your pregnancy and post natal period.


BASIC Vital Veda Post-Natal Ayurvedic Kit includes:
200ml Madinaphala Rasyana
120 Gallakol Tablets
500ml Shishu Kumkumadi Baby Massage Oil.
*Regular Kit Total = $90*

DELUXE Vital Veda Post-Natal Ayurvedic Kit includes:
200ml Madinaphala Rasyana
120 Gallakol Tablets
Balant Kadha 1,2,3
500ml Shishu Kumkumadi Baby Massage Oil.
*Deluxe Kit Total = $235*

Please email Dylan at Vital Veda if you have any queries


Shishu Kumkumadi – Baby Massage Oil – For Strength and Immunity
Massaging your baby with oil is one of the most important rituals to build and strengthen the bodily tissues and the immune system. Studies show light-touch massage (as used in Ayurvedic massage technique) releases more oxytocin than deep-pressure massage in both the person getting the massage and the person giving the massage, enhancing this “loving, bonding hormone” between you and your baby. This medicinal oil utilises a base of extra virgin organic olive oil that is grown locally on small farm by friends of Vital Veda. The oil is medicated with Ayurvedic herbs to nourish the baby’s nervous system an strengthen the body at the same time.

Balant Kadha 1 
Helps to relieve weakness and increases lactation after delivery.
Increases appetite.
Relieves constipation and cough.
Gives energy and strength
Balant Kadha 2
Helps to relieve constipation, weakness, body ache, backache etc.
Provides diverse nutrients to the infant through the mother milk.

Balant Kadha 3
Tones up the blood circulation and helps for the formation of new blood cells.
Helps maintain Vitality, Energy and Strength of the body.
Tonic for both mother and infant.

Gallakol Tablets

Increases Lactation and Purifies Breast Milk.
This herbal nutritive tonic can be taken by the mother even if breast milk is slightly not 100%.

Madinaphala Rasayana – Relieves Nausea
A handy bottle to have around during pregnancy, this fruity drink is a quick and easy way to effectively relieve nausea, loss of appetite, acidity or burning sensation.