Birth Preparation Mentoring Session with Nadine Richardson

A Birth Integration session is an opportunity to fully debrief and process your birth experience.

The session will allow you to connect with both the wisdom and teachings you gained, plus the new skills and resources you have going forward.

The aim is to gain trust in the birthing process and your body. Let go of fear, grief and trauma before moving into a new pregnancy or labour.

We believe birth deserves to be celebrated. Many mums become so busy with physical recovery that the psychological, emotional and spiritual recovery opportunity is missed.


Embodying our birth wisdom can help ease the stress of parenting and relating and provide a deep strength for you as the emerging mother.


The session will support you to come to a place of peace within yourself and around the birth of your baby.


Everyone’s experience of childbirth is different, and everyone’s inner narrative is important. 


Your story and your feelings are real and matter. There is growth without and within because of birth. Love, light and lessons for all of us.


Your Birth Integration session will allow you to:

– Explore what happened and understand why

– Feel seen, heard & understood on all levels

– Process any unresolved feelings

– Discover any wisdom and teachings

– Feel embodied and calm going forward

– Know what actions you need to take


Birth Integration session with a She Births® Birth Expert.

– The session runs for up to 90mins over Zoom.

– Attend as an individual or as a couple.

– Buy Now, and our Doula Support Coordinator will be in touch shortly to arrange the best expert for you to debrief with and schedule a time.


What our customers say ...

Our She Births experience was better than I could have ever imagined. Despite already having read and watched so many things I still took away and learnt so much from the 2 day course. The balance of a scientific approach paired with the knowledge to trust your intuition and knowing has made us feel so prepared and equipped for birth and parenthood and the adventure that awaits us. I cannot recommend She Births any higher- it is the best thing you can do to prepare yourself as an individual and couple for birth.

Elena Hall

My partner and I really loved our weekend session, it was amazing to be around other couples who are going through the same thing. Caitlin was fun, full of knowledge and made us feel really empowered by the information that was shared.

I am super excited about giving birth after doing this course and it’s so lovely that my hubs feels empowered, too, and all anxieties have been alleviated.

Thanks so much, She Birth.

Dorcey Rutter

Completely awesome. Not only did it teach myself and my partner ways to get ready for our baby, it helped my partner understand what sort of birth she would like, how we can advocate for her as a team and some really great tips that we can use up to, during and after the birth of our baby. We did the online version of the course and didn’t feel it was any less effective than in person. The training helped us to connect as a couple and talk about lots of different things as a couple, to help us get ready and ensure my partner is as prepared and ready as possible.

Emma Molloy

My husband and I were fortunate enough to receive the full online course as a gift, and it changed our perspective completely. The online course was amazing for us to tackle in our own time, but most importantly together. I could then revisit topics closer to birth and practise various labour techniques through the video guides. Nadine is exceptional at delivering knowledge in a very real way that engages the birth partners as well, and it was utterly mind-blowing to truly understand the magic of the female body. ...read more

Brienna Shepherd

Hubby and I did the weekend she births course with Nadine (had to do online due to covid). We also sourced our doula through SheBirths.

The Doula: our doula was fab! We didn’t get to use her due to covid, but she walked us through and supported us through all the moments she could, and was a huge help on the phone while I was labouring for the hubby to best support me! SheBirths provided us with 3-4 women to interview, all so different, it was great to have a variety of personalities ... read more

Aroha Guy

We really appreciated how evidence-based the whole course was and respectful of all options possible from home birth / natural through to hospital and high medical intervention. We left feeling informed and empowered. Couldn't recommend SheBirths more for all couples.

Sucheta G

We chose to prepare for our daughters birth 7 years ago by attending the She Births weekend with Nadine. The program and resources were inclusive, comprehensive and empowering. We both came away feeling like we were a birthing team - more knowledgeable, aligned and excited. I was able to ask for what I needed at hospital, discuss changes openly as they changed and be well looked after as a new mother. I have since recommended the course to my sister, pregnant friends and colleagues. I wish every couple and soon to be parents could learn and experience She Births. I truly believe it would change the world and make it a more loving and compassionate place to be.

Carli Leimbach

I cannot recommend this course enough! This completely changed the way that I view birth and helped me to heal from my first traumatic birth experience. I am someone who is very interested in research and scientific studies, therefore was stoked that I was able to do a course that had been scientifically proven to result in better birth outcomes. Nadine has a wealth of knowledge to share and every woman (and her partner) would benefit from learning from this course. We were so inspired by Nadine that we decided to have her as our doula and the whole experience has ignited a passion in me to pursue doula training. Thank you Nadine and the SheBirths team!

Alison Brian

Thank you SO much Nadine and the SheBirths team for such a wonderful experience on the online / zoom course. We completed the course during the 2021 Sydney lockdown, and are so grateful to have been able to do so during this time where anxiety and uncertainty is heightened. It has put us at so much ease, we are so looking forward to the birth and feel empowered and informed to make the best decisions for bringing our first baby into the world. Nadine is so lovely, full of such a vast amount of knowledge and experience and so caring and compassionate to each individual. ...read more

Camilla Poulsson

I don’t know if any words can amount to how transformational this experience was for me. This course gave me the confidence and empowerment I needed to have the most beautiful birth I could ever imagine.

Myself and my partner took part in the 2 day weekend face to face course, and it was such an amazing experience, for both of us. I felt that this course held space for questions, concerns and curiosity. We were taught how to navigate the birthing system, how to feel supported by our partners and what to expect when birthing your baby- emotionally, physically and spiritually. ...read more

Gemma Edgar

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