Refresher Antenatal and Birthing Classes

having your second baby? Let us know what you need

Congratulations again!

We have numerous options for second time families. Both for our alumni (those who have previously taken She Births®) and those who are new to our method. 

Lots of second time mums and dads enjoy the Online Course, and some like to come along to another a Weekend Course – if you can arrange a babysitter.

For those who are time poor or had a great birth just recently and only want a bit of time to get into the zone we have a selection of different Mentoring Sessions.

Mentoring sessions allow you to ask specific questions, work with individual needs and learn at a time that suits you in your own home.

To arrange a Mentoring Session with founder Nadine Richardson please apply via email. To arrange a session with one of our Educators complete a registration form and we will be in touch with their availability to schedule it for you.

Access to our Online Resources is emailed to you upon payment so that videos can be watched in preparation and accessed for continued learning. 

Your Educator will bring you a She Births® Guidebook and goodie bag. If you have not already done so, you can join our private community online and get discounts with our special partners for the best baby products around the world.

Matt & Naomi Noffs - The Ted Noffs Foundation

‘She Births® reminds us guys that they need not be afraid… I’m not exaggerating when I say that within the space of these two-days, your perspective of giving birth (and possibly your life) will change forever and for the better. Mine did.’

Mary Lou Ryan - Bassike Co-founder

‘I just wanted to let you know that the She Births® Private Course that we both did with you were so helpful in birthing Barney. As well as your amazing prenatal yoga. I had a beautiful home birth with Scott, the midwifes and my 2 sisters….It was incredible and I feel blessed. So thank you, the work you are doing is wonderful and I hope many more women will be touched by your wisdom.’

Natalie Bassingthwaighte - Recording Artist, Actress

‘After our She Births® Private Course I felt like I could achieve anything. We felt so empowered but most of all so connected to each other and ready to take on whatever lay ahead. The techniques Nadine taught us to deal with labour helped me to see that. It truly was an incredible experience.’

Peta Kelly - Author, Social Entrepreneur

‘She Births® was just what we were looking for in birth education – the perfect blend of nature and science. My husband felt so comfortable, confident and excited after. Nadine is real, no BS and gave us practical tools (good for the blokes) and reaffirmation that I was born to birth beautifully.’

Monet Nicole refresher program


Ideal for families in preparation for their second birth who have limited time. Usually chosen by She Births® alumni but also available for couples who have utilised other programs for their first birth. These sessions allow you to prepare and focus on how you can make this birth as good, or even better.

A Mentoring Session is also the perfect adjunct to completing the Online Course – so that your partner can refine all the practical tools like massage, acupressure, rebozo with expert guidance etc. If you need to plan for a Family Centred Caesarean Section then a 2hr mentoring session is ideal and will give you access to our very special ‘pay it forward’ Family C-S Pack.

Book a Mentoring Session by completing a registration form and choose an Educator from our Bio pages. 

2 hr sessions are $395 – 3 hr sessions $495 – 4 hr sessions $595 inc. GST. All sessions include App access to our Online Resources, inclusion in private facebook community for support, printed Guidebook, Goodie Bag and discounts with our partner brands

Online course & weekend course discounts

The Online ands Weekend Course is available to couples who have attended She Births® previously. Ideal for Mums and partners who would like to revisit the full transformative curriculum and give themselves more time to connect and prepare for this birth.

Learn with our Full Online Course via the App or participate in a Weekend Course where you will be able to ask questions and go through all the practical tools with guidance. Both options allow you to rehearse massage, breathing, yoga and acupressure techniques as well as cover stages and strategies for labour and so much more – you will feel completely ready and in the zone for birth.

Spaces in our Weekend Courses are limited so please email us directly to discuss options. Book either a Weekend Course or Online Course via email so you can receive a 50% alumni discount code.

She Births® Birth Course Weekend
Birth debriefing sessions


These sessions are available for mums or couples who have unresolved questions about the unfolding of their birth experiences. Postpartum depression and anxiety, although deeply entwined with depletion, genetics and dramatic endocrine changes, is also linked to our experience of birth and can have very broad repercussions. 

Sometimes mums feel trauma, anger, sadness, grief or shame when birth did not go to plan, when they were not supported respectfully or if something changed very quickly. Although we plan for this as best we can at She Births®, it is important to acknowledge, process and feel content with your birth experience postpartum.

After requesting hospital records and de-briefing with your caregivers, which we highly recommend, unresolved feelings may still be present. Even challenges experienced postpartum with breastfeeding or family issues can be carried within our psyche and relationships. 

It is definitely possible to understand, to heal and feel free with the right support, knowledge and presence.

To find a time that suits you please email [email protected].


“She Births® prepares women with more realistic ideas of what to expect during labour” – Jessica Turner, 10 Eyewitness News

The course has been recognised by the British Medical Journal after the 2016 study showed a 65% reduction in epidural rates and a 44% reduction in caesareans.

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It is only possible to change course dates if there is a medical emergency and availability. Movement between courses is generally not possible as our course numbers are strictly limited and we fill up very quickly. We require a minimum of 4 weeks notice to try and make this happen.

Cancellation of a Weekend Course:

Payment of the $297 deposit is non-refundable. This deposit covers our administration costs as well as access to the online Weekend Course Resources.

Refund of the remaining balance is at the discretion of The Birthing Institute.

Other options (eg. in the case of scheduled c-section, premature labour or early hospital admission) can be:

If spaces are available you may be able to transfer to another course date.

Payment can be put towards a Private Program with your Educator.

Payment can cover access to the Full Online Program + products from our shop or private mentoring.

It is important that you bring along a birth support person or a doula if your partner is not able to attend. We recommend you bring to the course the person who will be your main support at birth. If there is room you may also request a birth support person and your partner attend the course at no extra cost (generally not possible in Nadine’s courses).
If you are a single mum please contact us directly to see if we can arrange a private Solo Mums course with others. We need 2 – 3 mums to make this happen.

It is up to the individual and how much information you would like to have. However, we find that most She Births® couples only attend our 2 day program. We highly recommended that you take a tour of your hospital and attend any talks they offer on early parenting, bathing, breastfeeding. There is also Dr Howard Chilton’s (neonatologist) at The Royal Hospital for Women, Sydney offered for free on Thursdays.

The whole of She Births® is unique – there is no other ‘yoga based philosophy’ program with a multi-disciplinary and evidence based tool kit available in the world. We have a specific language, sequence and process of transformation intrinsic to the program.

She Births® also uses a deep relaxation method created by Nadine Richardson called; Body Mind Integration Techniques (BMIT). The origins of BMIT are found in the ancient practice of yoga nidra, which is a yogic method for aligning with the highest truth or in modern terms, subconscious mind change.

BMIT is a body based relaxation and hypnosis style process. It is unique from other forms of hypnosis because it is based on very deep physical connection and encourages our 4th state of awareness, transcendence. Nadine has practiced and taught yoga for over 20 years and created the unique She Births® visualisations to help women overcome their fears of giving birth and to enable them to stay ‘within their bodies’ throughout birth.

As well as teaching BMIT we also encourage women to actively embrace the sensations of labour using specific movement and breath work that will increase the bodies natural endorphins, ie. pain killers.

We recommend attending a course between 22-36 weeks gestation.

All the techniques and principles learnt in She Births® are applicable to any birth experience or outcome and highly beneficial to practice during pregnancy. Our booklet also has the most up to date information on how you can create a family centred immune supportive caesarean with your caregiver. We include the most up to date information on how to boost your child’s immune system and how you can recover quickly post surgery.

All the techniques and principles learnt in She Births® are applicable to any birth experience or outcome including a caesarean. They are also highly beneficial to practice during pregnancy because they will allow you to feel calmer throughout and prepared for any birth outcome.

It is often the second or third and sometimes even a scan after 35 weeks that is the deciding factor for your birth. It is important to remember that the majority – in fact over 90% of placentas move up and out of the way for a vaginal birth, because the lowest quadrant of your uterus grows at the very end of pregnancy and draws it away from the cervix.

Don’t miss out on She Births! We can help you and your partner be fully prepared for your birth experience, however it unfolds. Please ask your She Births® Educator for the specific yoga postures and techniques to avoid, and those that will encourage the movement upwards of your placenta. We have huge success with this over the last 10 years.

Yes! We can get all the resources, book and videos to you prior to the course. This means that you can learn the content you need and start to make all the important changes required. Then the face to face course becomes your consolidation and practice for your partner to be able to support you fully. Please phone us to make sure we know and we can get resources to you ASAP.

Some couples choose to do more than one full birthing course and thoroughly enjoy their time spent at each one. However, if you have already done a full independent course and just discovered She Births® don’t panic! You might be able book into a short private session to cover any gaps.

Buy rebozo, post natal belly belts, prenatal yoga video and visualisations, along with specialty packs for couples preparing for Breech Birth, VBAC and Caesarian Section.

Our brains encode negativity 10 times faster than it does positivity. All the more reason to read and share positive birth experiences that encompass every scenario.

Inspiring talks and enlightening conversations as Nadine sits down with some of the most incredible childbirth and parenting professionals out there.

An archive of quality books, film and websites on childbirth and early parenting we recommend to our clients.

With her in mind WHIMN

“Birth is designed to awaken us to our true potential as human beings.

We discover our deepest strength, love, intuition and more.”

Nadine Richardson
Nadine Richardson
Founder of She Births®
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Do you want to feel Calm and Connected to yourself and your baby?

Let go of the guilt, worries, doubts and fears with this simple meditation.

Discover ways to connect with your baby and your inner guidance with Nadine Richardson, Founder of She Births®.

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