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With the success of our large randomised controlled trials as published in BMJ Open, The Birthing Institute is launching a new hosptial based training and implementation program.

Our new ‘Social Impact Program’ can train your midwives to incorporate She Births courses into their practice.

The recently published qualitative results in Midwifery Journal tell us that not only couples appreciate She Births but that midwives have a more fulfilled working environment with She Births educated couples.

The She Births Social Impact Program allows every couple to engage in decision making and feel empowered by their birth. It allows your mums and partners to work with their labour rather than fear it.


She Births is a holistic and evidence based preparation for childbirth created by Nadine Richardson. It teaches active birthing, yoga, acupressure, massage, relaxation, visualisation, nutrition, pain management and more. It is through combining techniques and the adopting of an open mind that birth can actually unfold more easily.

She Births is designed to give the power of childbirth back to the couple in the most natural way possible. Based on Three Pillars: Knowledge, Inner Resources and Outer Support the course empowers women and their partners to create a better birth, no matter what unfolds.

With a unique interactive program and inspiring teaching methods She Births is a revolution in childbirth preparation. It is accessible for all people and can be taught in any environment.

Discover how you can implement our Social Impact Program within your hosptial today by emailing our head office and creating a time to talk with Nadine.

  • Educator training for midwives

    Over 3 months a combination of face to face and online training with Nadine Richardson allows your midwives to share the She Births program in any hospital.

  • Implement easily

    Our online and hard copy resources for couples are critical for implementation are all provided by The Birthing Institute and guarantee that couples are able to create better births

  • Evaluation process

    Through the collection of data with our new She Births APP we will present clearly all results adn savings made through our training and implementation program

Listen to the founder of She Births explain what is different about her course and how every woman can actually create a better and more beautiful birth

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About Our Founder

Nadine Richardson is a mother and has been a childbirth educator, labour assistant and prenatal yoga teacher for over 20 years. She is director of The Birthing Institute and creator of the She Births program.

She Births is her own holistic and evidence based course for pregnant couples that was developed within her local community of Bondi Beach, Sydney. After many years of attending births, influenced by her medically trained family she became inspired to develop a more comprehensive preparation for birth that made a real difference.


Of Couples Describe their Birth as Beautiful


Partners Enjoy the She Births Course


Participants Agree She Births is Great Value for Money


Agree Prenatal Yoga was Critical to their Better Birth


Experience Improved Communication with their Caregivers


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