Ruth Carnac

She Births was without a doubt the best investment I made for my pregnancy and birth. My partner and I did the online course which really worked for us as we could watch it on our smart TV in the comfort of our home, pause and discuss, take notes and practice the massages etc. at […]

Jacinta Young

My partner and I were lucky to have two private sessions with Nadine in our home. Our experience with Nadine and She Births was fantastic from the get-go. Having the private sessions allowed us to dive into the content and focus on detail that was relevant & practical. All of the online resources were helpful […]


Victoria McFarlane 1

She Births® fundamentally altered our trajectory. It gave us the knowledge to feel we were in control of our own birth. We felt so confident in our decision making. I could truly trust my body and our baby without fear. My whole birth story here.

Amelia and Vince Wilson

Amelia birth story

She Births® Mama “ Our little boy Arthur arrived ten days late at 12.51 am on Tuesday 28 April. He’s 3.7kg and 52cm and is amazing. He wasn’t engaged until labour and was posterior until the very end when he finally turned, the long way around, just as Kelly mentioned they usually do. I’ll send more […]

Claire Munguia

She Births®

She Births® Mama “She Births® gave me confidence and strength I needed to prepare for the birth of my second child.”                                      

Rachel Molloy

She Births®

She Births® Mama Before She Births® I feared labour. Hollywood would have me believe I’d be rushed screaming in my car to the hospital, screaming at my husband for putting this ‘thing’ inside me, feet strapped into stirrups by a doctor, a lot of screaming and three pushes later VOILA, a screaming baby! But, labour […]

Britt A

She Births®

She Births® Mama “We wanted to be empowered to have the birth we wanted – informed. We had a beautiful birth that felt supported from the get go! We had a great tool kit thanks to She Births®. My husband felt very informed about what was going to happen” We have entered parenthood feeling prepared […]

Jennifer Simkins

She Births®

She Births® Mama “Before She Births® I was very anxious about the birth process. The course provided information and advice that made me feel informed and empowered. I was actually looking forward to labour by the end of the course because She Births® gave me and my partner confidence in my body’s ability to perform […]

Viv Paul

She Births®

Expectant first time dad ‘We couldn’t have been more satisfied with the virtual learning environment. If you have found yourself in a similar position, fearnot. We gained as much as we would’ve from attending in-person and encourage you to approach the experience with that in mind. There was plenty of space and time for individual […]


She Births®

Expectant first time mum ‘Nadine I’m so appreciative that you were able to adapt and facilitate She Births® as a virtual antenatal class workshop. What you shared was incredibly useful, relevant and you really encouraged the dads to step up as Daddy Doulas. I felt so held and am 100 times more confident that he […]

Sarah Mason

She Births®

Expectant first time mum ‘After both my partner Dean and I attended the She Births® birthing class workshop via online video conference, we were both pleasantly surprised how accessible and interactive the experience was. Dean was most hesitant before joining as the thought of missing out on face to face interaction was a concern for […]

Elise Clement


Life Coach and Wellbeing Consultant ‘The birth of my daughter is by far the most empowering experience I’ve gone through to this day. And I know this was made possible by the confidence and knowledge my husband and I got from the two-day She Births program. I’m so appreciative of having met Nadine at this very important moment of my […]

Emily Batts


She Births® Product Queries & Observe & Assist Program Management Working for She Births® (I did admin and behind the scenes work, hi!) I watched, read and listened to a lot of people’s own experiences – the full range, and whilst some have bad and sad experiences, women are made to birth. Biologically, babies can […]

Elizabeth Evans

lyz evans profile testimonial

Women’s Health Physio ‘I have been recommending the She Births® program for many years to my pregnant clients, and the change in women after participating in the course is remarkable. She Births® gives women the confidence to trust their bodies and the birth process. It provides them with the knowledge to make decisions that feel […]

Catherine Mack & Rick Donald


Actors ‘She Births® was the best thing that we did during the pregnancy – the most impactful and informative by a mile. I didn’t know much about the birthing process, our options, useful strategies and tools and Nadine really opened my eyes to the possibilities of having a joyful and beautiful birth. The course was […]

Jonni Pollard


Meditation Teacher, Author ‘The education I got as the role of the man in this course was incredible,” says Jonni. “I was empowered to be the doula for a large part of it and this was such a revelation –  and the impact that’s had and the role it had on my parenting and on […]

Brenda Briand


Creative Director, Accessories Designer ‘I truly believe doing the She Births® course, even the second time around, was the only thing that allowed us to go through birth well. When I went into high risk category I just thought, OK this baby is coming out but we can do this. Even though things have changed […]

Grant Lyndon


Actor, Founder of Busy Dads ‘The one thing I really love about Nadine and her course is that she talks from experience with confidence – and she offers statistics that prove her approach actually works. That gives a lot of confidence as a Dad. Men are either too much in the birth room or removed […]

Matt & Naomi Noffs

Matt & Naomi Noffs - The Ted Noffs Foundation, She Births® testimonial

Social Impact Entrepeneurs, The Ted Noffs Foundation ‘She Births® reminds us guys that they need not be afraid… I’m not exaggerating when I say that within the space of these two-days, your perspective of giving birth (and possibly your life) will change forever and for the better. Mine did.’          

Erika Lamour


Infant Sleep Specialist, The Sleep Dept. ‘I am generally an anxious person, so even though I was so excited to have fallen pregnant, the thought of labour scared the hell out of me. I found the She Births® online course and knew it was the right course for my partner and I. In labour, I […]

Ben Briand


Director ‘The psychological shift that I had during the course was huge. Us fathers have our own anxieties, worries and concerns that are coming from rational and often irrational places. She Births® for the dads just helps you to be OK with all of that. There might not be an answer for it but there […]

Vanessa Megan


Organic Skincare Specialist, Founder Vanessa Megan ‘I wanted to have as much knowledge about every other option and that is why we chose She Births® – it had active birthing, hypnobirthing, everything! So if one thing wasn’t working I had others to go to. All the couple things we did really brought us closer too. It […]

Marie Vinnell


Director, Societé General ‘I am extremely grateful and also humbled by your generosity of spirit and knowledge about birth. She Births® allowed us to trust my body to achieve the birth we wanted.  I’m sure that the gentle birth has influenced the calm nature of my little girl. The techniques I learnt in the course were absolutely critical to the birth […]

Phillip Dove


Business Analyst, AMP ‘This has been nothing short of life changing. I just wanted to thank you for guiding us so beautifully and for giving Catherine the courage to be the phenomenal woman that she is. Through She Births® and your prenatal yoga classes, she was able to build the mental and physical strength that […]

Louise Cridland


Organisational Psychologist ‘Learning about neuroscience, the body and practical tools in the program empowered me to trust my inner strength and resilience. I now feel psychologically and emotionally stronger and more prepared for life in general. The skills you learn in the She Births® program are not simply birth skills, they are life skills that […]

Dr Jason Kaplan


Dr Jason Kaplan Cardiologist ‘I wanted to go to the course and learn about natural birth. It was an amazing experience to bond with Jess and to learn how to support her. Without the course I wouldn’t have known any of those things. The hospital based courses didn’t provide any of that information. Birth was a […]

Mary Lou Ryan – She Births® Private Birthing Class and Prenatal Yoya

Mary Lou Ryan - Bassike Co-founder She Births® testimonial

Bassike Co-founder ‘I just wanted to let you know that the She Births® Private Birthing Class that we both did with you were so helpful in birthing Barney. As well as your amazing prenatal yoga. I had a beautiful home birth with Scott, the midwifes and my 2 sisters….It was incredible and I feel blessed. So thank you, […]

Amy Molloy


Author, Editor ‘Through my two births – one that went perfectly to plan and one that didn’t – the tools I learnt through She Births® became my anchor. They soothed me, grounded me and bonded my husband and I together. Nadine is the reason the video of my first birth went viral with 80,000 views […]

Kimmy Smith


The Fit Mummy Project ‘The great thing about doing the She Births® Online Course is that we could do it at our own pace. We could go back over any areas whenever we needed, engage via the Facebook Forum and Nadine was there to answer questions as we went along.’ @kimmysmithfit         […]

Anna Kooiman


Anna Kooiman, TV Host, Fitness Instructor ‘I had a great She Births® experience. Partially because of the skills I learned, I was able to have a drug free, natural birth, even with a posterior baby. My baby boy is now a month old and I am such a proud mama! She Births® not only taught […]

Peta Kelly

Peta Kelly - Author, Social Entrepreneur She Births® testimonial

Author, Social Entrepreneur ‘She Births® was just what we were looking for in birth education – the perfect blend of nature and science. My husband felt so comfortable, confident and excited after. Nadine is real, no BS and gave us practical tools (good for the blokes) and reaffirmation that I was born to birth beautifully.’ […]

Natalie Bassingthwaighte | She Births® Private Birthing Class Testimonial

Natalie Bassingthwaighte - Recording Artist, Actress She Births® testimonial

Recording Artist, Actress ‘After our She Births® Private Course I felt like I could achieve anything. We felt so empowered but most of all so connected to each other and ready to take on whatever lay ahead. The techniques Nadine taught us to deal with labour helped me to see that. It truly was an incredible experience.’ @natbassingthwaighte […]

Gary Gorrow

garry gorrow

Meditation Teacher ‘In one single day She Births® completely revolutionised our perceptions, giving us another reality of birth that is natural, joyous and ecstatic. Nadine is an incredibly sincere and gifted teacher. She combines her personal experience with modern science and timeless wisdom. As a man I felt it was the most vital preparation I […]

Zoe & Benji Marshall


TV Host & NRL Player ‘We would recommend She Births® to everyone. Everyone. From our hearts, this is the most important thing to do before you have a baby. Especially for the husbands. Seriously, you have to do it. You learn how to be a supportive birthing partner and feel like you’re a part of […]