Alexander’s birth – Knowledge is power

Nine weeks after the arrival of our beautiful boy Alexander and the memory of our birth still puts a smile on my face as well as a little gush of pride.

I had done the preparation; prenatal yoga, She Births, meditation and positive visualisations but I’ll be honest – I still had doubts as to whether this beautiful birth could really happen for me. But I let myself daydream beautiful little snippets of the birth – to be in hope that it may eventuate… And it did and more!

Moments from the birth, my highlights if you like, are where I spotted Philip checking the She Births booklet to get the best acupressure points for the stage of labour I was in. As I lay in a beautiful warm bath with flowing water making the most guttural earthly noises that felt amazing, I had a little dialogue going on in my mind as the contractions were happening which went a little like this; ” open like a flower…. Come on body is that the best you can do …. Bring it on…..” I even laugh now at my confidence and strong attitude.

The one moment that could have been my weakness was actually my greatest strength. And it was the moment that I realised, more than ever, that knowledge is power! I had a quick flicker of doubt in my mind where I thought maybe I will need an epidural – but with that thought my waters broke and within minutes I had an overpowering desire to bear down. I knew then that I had been in transition and feeling the wave of doubt that Nadine had prepared us for. So I knew that I was on the home straight!

My baby was coming, I was happy, excited and my mind totally lucid. We had arrived at the hospital at 7.30 pm and by 9.37pm I was holding a calm, healthy boy in my arms, who’s heart rate had stayed steady throughout the entire labour. I entered into the first early days of motherhood without any great pain or fatigue, fully ready and able to bond with my little man…. The biggest challenge was getting off the oxytocin high!!
You were absolutely right Nadine, it was intense but totally do-able, amazing and life changing! Philip still raves that it was the most beautiful thing he has witnessed- and the most courageous! We both look forward to doing ‘it’ all again with a newfound confidence and faith knowing that we can do it!
Thank you for sharing all of your experience and knowledge with us and bringing us closer as a couple in the process.

Catherine and Philip Dove