Ava’s Birth – Listening to your intuition

Hi Nadine,

I just wanted to let you know that I gave birth to the lovely Ava last Friday!  Both her and I are doing well and Olive is just so beautiful to see as a big sister.

We did our She Births course way back in July 2012 before the birth of Olive and I was so grateful for the She Births course once again!  I had been reading the book we got during the course as a refresher and so many things were invaluable.

Learning about the Inner and Outer resources was great – and I listened to the meditations and visualisations in the lead-up to the birth and then had them on repeat in the birthing room at the hospital.  They were really good at getting me into the space I needed to be in.  The acupressure points were great too and we took along our ‘orgasmatron‘ head thingy for in between surges – that was so good this time around.  The blissful belly breaths were so helpful for getting through the contractions and staying calm – I’ve been using them to get through some painful early days of breastfeeding too!  The other great thing I used from the course this time around was the BRAND method of questions to ask when interventions were offered.  This was really empowering and a great tool to deal with the pressure you feel in the birthing room.  The Dr framed things as though we didn’t have a choice so it was great to have this technique to take some power back and make sure our decisions were informed…and ours!

We had a 2 minute second stage!  I had a strong urge to lie down on my side, the midwife tried to insist I just sit on the edge of the bed but I knew I needed to lie down.  I had been pushing for 40 minutes and had just been told that they had made a mistake in saying I was fully dilated, there was still some cervix on one side and some of the membranes.  I felt deflated and exhausted at this point and had to get my head around the fact that I wasn’t pushing anymore and had to go back to my belly breaths and finish dilating.  So I laid down to rest and when the next surge came I felt her head coming out!  I think I yelled ‘I need to get this leg up!’ and got to my knees and she came out without me pushing!  Rog caught her beautifully and put her on my tummy.  It was amazing and I didn’t tear at all!  Wow!  What a difference the recovery has been so far with no tear.  Later on my midwife (who couldn’t be at the birth) said that me lying down on that side must have allowed the membranes to move out of the way and the cervix to fully dilate.  Case in point for listening to your own intuition during labour!

So I wanted to say thank you again…I went to an ABA meeting on Tuesday morning this week with Ava and the topic was Active Birth.  With the things I learned in She Births I was able to contribute a great deal to the discussion and I really enjoyed it – I would love to be working with couples and educating them about their options and the resources available to them.  I know both Rog and I found it so empowering and it brought us together on the childbirth journey which was brilliant.  Rog had a role to play and it was a team effort bringing our children into the world.  Chatting with Rog about it last night I think he would also be great with the guys on the course.  He has a real passion and enthusiasm which comes across when he speaks.

Thanks again Nadine and hope to hear from you soon.

Kate, Rog, Olive and Ava