Edie’s Birth – Much more practical and thorough than calmbirth

We did Calmbirth the first time round and Otis’s birth was vaginal but assisted with forceps and epidural in theatre.

She Births provided me with a really different and practical approach to my daughters birth.  I knew at each stage of my pregnancy what I should be focusing on; my nutrition, what to ask of my medical carers, how to prepare my body and visualise the best birth possible for my whole family.  Especially towards the end of my pregnancy, it was so useful to have the checklist of how to check in with myself, my partner and know how I could support myself as I neared the big day.  The best thing SB gave me was the ability to visualise my daughter’s journey out of the womb and into my husbands arms.  This one simple exercise of learning how the body opens and prepares to deliver a baby got me through my labour with the birth I had always dreamed of.