Freddie’s Birth – The happiest most positive experience we had always wanted

We were lucky enough to have the wonderful, natural and drug free birthing experience that we had always wanted! I honestly genuinely believe that a lot of this was down to the tools and techniques and that we learnt about on the She Birth’s weekend… so thanks Nadine!

The pre-labouring started at home in the middle of the night so we lit some candles, I did my visualisations, breathed and listened to my birthing playlist… I wasn’t at all scared (even though I am usually a terrible worrier!) I was calm and was able to relax in my husbands arms until the morning. Around 8am my contractions started to get a little stronger and closer together and then they just stopped. Rob remembered some acupressure points that Nadine had taught us about that could restart contractions and make them stronger. So he gave it a go and literally within 5 minutes the contractions had started again.

From there everything moved really quickly, I carried on focusing on the breathing (shorter count in, longer count out) and we arrived at the hospital. I was so calm I think they thought we had hours to go so they were ready to send us home. Anyway, they monitored my contractions and left Rob and I in the coffee room for a while. I was practicing some different yoga positions that I had learnt from She Births squatting, all fours etc and Rob was being amazing massaging my lower back. Suddenly I had a massive urge to push. Rob went to get the midwife (who clearly thought we were crazy first time parents!) and I was 9 cm dilated! Our precious little Freddie was born 2 hours later!

Not only has She Births helped us to have the happiest, most positive birthing experience anyone could possibly want but we also met some lifelong friends during that weekend. We have been through so many ‘first’s’ together, pregnancy, birth, babies, toddlers… Girls (and hubbies) we don’t know what we would have done without you!