Frida’s Birth – Induction worked fine with all the earlier preparation

On Friday the 17th of October at 2.35am our beautiful daughter Frida Charlotte was finally born. On Thursday morning they induced me with gel and I was lucky that it actually worked, as it saved me from my waters being broken on Friday morning. But as this needed to be done on the postnatal ward it was a bit unfortunate as I had no real space to move in the shared hospital room and put into practice all the beautiful she births tools. We did the best we could, acupressure points, I went a lot under the shower and the breathing methods became my absolute best friend. After 8 hours then they finally transferred me to the delivery suite where it then went all very fast and within only 4 hours she was born. An absolute amazing experience and moment. I want to thank you dearly for all your love and support in the lead up – all the yoga and tips for naturally ripening and inducting really helped the process move so much more smoothly. We are settling in at home and she is pretty amazing. I feel great and am enjoying every moment.

Lots of love, Pia xx