Jack’s Birth – Got the exact birth I wanted

Hi Nadine,

Thanks for your kind message the other day . We are slowly getting into the swing of things with our gorgeous little boy, Jack.

I just wanted say thanks again for She Births because looking back I got exactly the birth I wanted and it feels great! My ideal hope was to arrive at the hospital ready to push and guess what ? I arrived 9cm dilated and ready to push … Jack was born 45 minutes later ! At the last minute I asked if I could have some gas for the pushing but the midwife said there’s no time to set it up!

Both Caitlin and the OB made it just in time.

I spent the day leading up to the birth keeping in touch with Caitlin who kept coaching me through as things got more intense.

I pretty much used all the She Births techniques – lots of breathing, visualisations, acupressure, lots of surrendering and trusting my body, bits of yoga here and there, baths and showers … I was so happy to be able to labour in the comfort of my own home.

Todd was amazing of course.

I also achieved my goal of no tearing or stitches!!

Thanks again Nadine – keep up the good work.

Sophie xx