Jacob’s Birth – Communicating with our midwife and OB

Jacob Lui was born 2nd April 2014, weighed in at 2.98kgs & 50cm long. We are absolutely smitten by him! Can’t stop saying “he’s so cute!” Just love him to bits 🙂 I have attached a picture of his 1week milestone.

I just wanted to send you a huge thank you for having us at your She Births course weekend in Feb, which was very very valuable.

I was able to have a normal birth that was absolutely drug-free, which I am so happy with!! I definitely felt
Empowered doing so. Your course gave me the confidence that I needed to be able to give birth in this way.

I believed in my mindset that I could do it and the knowing that women have been doing this for thousands of years allowed me to trust my body and it’s ‘pain’ threshold tolerance. The human body is amazing and the mindset even more powerful! My husband was an amazing birth partner too and I can’t thank him enough for coming with me to the weekend course. I felt fully supported during the whole birthing process!

For me, I practiced the visualisations & meditations daily (though wish I was a bit more religious with practising it twice daily!) which came in very handy pre-labour and during labour. We also practised the acupressure, did more prenatal yoga whether it be at home or at a class and took your advice of slowing down. The affirmations and breathing techniques really helped me too during each contraction – I stuck up the affirmations all around the house and then stuck them up again at the hospital to remind to be calm, relax and that every surge was bringing me closer to my baby 🙂

Thank you also for encouraging us to use a birth preferences sheet. It was definitely a great way to communicate our wishes with the midwife who looked after me at the hospital, who also related it again to my obstetrician, meaning we were able to have cord clamping delayed and I didn’t need the syntocinon injection to push out the placenta.

Everything was just simply amazing – the best birthing experience I could have ever hoped for!

Thank you again and I’m sure I’ll see you soon!

Felicia & Kevin xx