Jasper’s Birth – The humanity of She Births®…the impact on our relationship

Hi Nadine,

I am writing to you this time with the happiness of hands filled with our fresh little newborn born.

On Saturday 20th Dimitra gave birth to a gorgeous little boy of 4.0 kilos, 59cm that we know as Jasper Finlayson.

Her labour began late Thursday/early Friday and was prelabour until about 3pm Friday afternoon. Contractions gradually got stronger and longer as we practised the fantastic exercises you armed us with. We laboured at home for hours with calming music and candles, while using acupressure points that Dimitra found to be very effective with the increasing intensity. Her waters broke at home at about 11pm that night and so we decided to go in.

We also had to glorious pleasure of having her cousin Diana in the room with us who was marvellous for our She Births energy. Dimitra laboured for hours through the night with such composure the midwives were shocked at how dialated she was. She quite easily dialated to 9cm and 10 during contractions but unfortunately Jasper was posterior and couldn’t move into position notwithstanding her efforts. He had been posterior late through 3rd trimester and acupuncture and some home techniques had helped him move, but he couldn’t quite make it around when it mattered.

Both Dimitra and Jasper were so calm all throughout until 1030 on Saturday morning when exhaustion took over and contractions began to slow down. As less happened her cervix began to swell and so a vaginal birth was becoming less achievable. With all attempts made, we agreed to have a caesar to get him out to the world and we finally had some beautiful skin to skin time (both of us) and he has been breastfeeding consistently since!

I cannot sing enough praises for the techniques, mentality and humanity of She Births and what you provide for expectant couples. It prepared us both so immensely that Dimitra was the image of a loved and relaxed labour. Though the final step was not the ideal finish, it was the step that gave us our baby boy and Dimitra is happy with that decision.

Thanks again for everything your teachings have done for our baby and our relationship during pregnancy and forever after.

Many thanks,
Jasper, Dimitra and Andrew