Marcus’ birth – High BP and induction still make for a beautiful experience

Doing the She Births course was a great timeout from the hectic pace of life   It gave my husband and I the time to focus on what lay ahead and think about our wants and don’t wants for the birth.  It was a great way to give husbands/birthing partners tools to use in the lead up to labour and on the day of. There were many empowering tips which we weren’t aware of prior to the course.
I was hospitalised twice prior to my (induced) labour due to high blood pressure and it was priceless having Nadine as an additional support person to email and talk to.  The visualizations helped immensely on the lead in and through the labour and I think being exposed during she births to people’s stories of unplanned twists turns that labour can bring helped us deal with the situation.
I would recommend the course to anyone who has a wholistic approach to life.

Linnae & Darren