Not hippy at all…I went from a 1950’s idea of birth to actually helping and catching my baby

Were it not for She Births, I might have missed one of the most
amazing experiences of my life – catching my baby daughter when she
was born!

My wife signed us up for She Births, as she enjoyed nadine’s
prenatal Yoga at The Dharma Shala.  I went along reluctantly as the whole
thing seemed a little too ’hippy’ for my taste.

My mates had told me how useless they felt during the birth of their
children, and as a result I started the weekend thinking that i would
rather live in the 1950s, so i would not be in the room during the

She Births changed my views by educating me about the process of
giving birth.  For me, the most important element of the course was
the ’active birth’ section, as it gave me a useful role during the

Come labour-day I was involved with every contraction – applying my
novice acupressure tchniques to help offset the pain.  At the last
minute, I changed ends and caught our baby daughter.

Playing a useful part in the labour has brought my wife and I closer
together – and made me closer to our baby daughhter.  I am so glad we
spent the weekend with Nadine, doing She Births together.

I would especially recommend it to other ’sceptical’ / ’practical
men.  It gave me the desire to experience something totally different
– and I am richer for having had the experience.

Matt Johnson