Miller’s Birth – A conversation in the mind creates an ideal birth

Dear Nadine,
I did it! Miller and I experienced my ideal birth. A 6 hour established labour, a tens machine, no drugs apart from a couple of Panadeine forte in pre-labour, a water birth, no tearing (a couple of grazes which already seem to have healed), an easy and quick exit of the placenta, NO FEAR, a lot of low, long breathing and primal moaning and she’s here! It really was amazing.
Jane and Dan were incredible. Kept me hydrated and positive and (literally) supported.
I would never have had this birth if it weren’t for She Births. Never. I don’t know why you would do it any other way.
Miller is healthy and happy and I’m up and about and feeling really well. We left the birth centre 4.5 hours  after her delivery.
The biggest thing was the fearlessness I think. There were times in transition when I thought ‘I can’t do this’ but I changed it to ‘I can do this’ and said it out loud repeatedly and I then believed I could. I was also moaning ‘open, soften’ the entire time. Also, she was posterior for a long time and swivelled around with some of the big final contractions. She was also the perfect size for me to birth: 2.84 kilos. She’s a bit sleepy and not that interested in feeding right now but I’m sure she’ll develop an appetite soon. She’s beautiful!
Really, thank you. All the preparation worked. It really did. I feel really proud of myself.
See you soon I hope.
Katrina R xxx