Olive’s birth – 4 hour labour

Hi Nadine,
Thought you might like to know I had a healthy baby girl called Olive! She is the most divine thing I’ve ever seen. Im totally in love!
I had an amazing birth, 10 hours pre labouring at home, sleeping in and out of contractions, having baths, listening to my birth play list practicing the breathing ….. Then my waters broke at 3.15am and it was on…… Wow!!! The intensity was like nothing I could have imagined….. Then olive was born 4 hours later! All natural!!!
She came out with eyes wide open staring at me!! Incredible! However I did keep asking my doula if she was coming out my bum!!! Ha!!!
3 weeks later and I’m feeling slightly human again, nothing can prepare you for what being a mother feels like, it’s so wonderful!
Thank you do much for all your beautiful teachings, She Births allowed me to enter birth with no fear! Which gave me the birth I had!
I can’t wait for you to meet her and I can’t wait to get back into yoga!!!
All my love
Bec x