Olive’s Birth – Amazing vaginal breech

Olive is here!  We had an amazing vaginal breech birth after just two hours at the birthing centre and are just so in love with our beautiful baby girl. We had an awesome experience at RHW with the midwives and with Dr Bisits.  He made us feel confident in our decision to try for a vaginal birth and everything went smoothly at the hospital. He really is a champion for birth being female-centred and for keeping the skills needed for vaginal breech births alive and ensuring they are not lost. We feel so blessed and grateful he was part of our birth team.

Thank you so much for creating the She Births course! Doing the course was just invaluable in preparing us for labour and birthing and for dealing with the curve ball that was a breech bub at full term.  So much so that I laboured at home on my own until I was in transition – using my inner resources to get me through – I just made it to the hospital!  I went into some kind of birth trance for a few hours I think, just lighting candles and doing my blissful belly breaths…I don’t remember much else until I woke Rog up and said, ‘We have to go NOW’.  When we got to the hospital I was 9.5cm dilated so was straight into the pushing phase there.

The other wonderful thing that She Births did was bring us together as a couple so that we really felt we were approaching everything as a team. It was so great to spend the weekend doing the course together – much more powerful than if one of us read something somewhere and tried to share it with the other. We learned at the same time, discussed things and had practical experience with the massage and acupressure points that were so useful during labour! Rog really was an active participant in the birth and this was so great for me and for him too.

My pushing phase was a bit long…Olive was 4.1kg in the end her position meant I had a lot of back labour pain, which meant I only felt comfortable pushing whilst on the bed with back support.  I remembered your wise words about remembering a time you’ve been challenged physically but dug deep and got through – I channelled my ocean swimming and all the times I thought I wasn’t going to make it but somehow found some more energy and finished the swim. Such a satisfying feeling.  This helped me tap those energy reserves and push our daughter into the world!  2 hours after we got to the hospital Olive was born and placed straight on my tummy. It was an amazing experience and we were so grateful for having done the course and for being blessed with having Dr Bisits and the amazing midwives at RHW as part of our support team.

Kate and Roger Hansen