Oscar’s Birth – VBAC wisdom

Our first baby was born via emergency c-section in May 2012.  It was a case of me being naïve and undereducated and simply going along with what my private (and very expensive) obstetrician recommended. Intervention lead to more intervention and I had a really horrible time with my post birth recovery.  It was at least 4 months before I could get out of bed/a chair/the car or even climb the stairs in my own home without pain.  It wasn’t until almost halfway through my second pregnancy that I realised how traumatised I was from this first birth experience, and went through a difficult and stressful process of changing care providers from private obstetrician to public midwifery.  I hired a doula and enrolled in the She Births course.
My partner David and I really enjoyed learning from Nadine.  The information provided helped us secure the belief and knowledge within ourselves that my body could birth my baby.  Oscar was born in October 2014 via a beautiful drug free water birth, where I laboured for about 8 hours at home prior to arriving at the hospital in transition and just about ready to push, and bub was born 1.5 hours later.  Throughout the labour at home, I reminded myself of the positive affirmations in the SheBirths meditations – I thought of my cervix thinning and opening, the uterus contracting, my baby facing the right way and moving himself down, slowly stretching the skin and perineum.  Blissful belly breaths helped me get through each surge. Without the She Births course I wouldn’t have been as prepared or reassured that what was happening inside my body was exactly what my body was meant to be doing… it also allowed my husband to feel secure in how he could help during the labour.
Recovery has been so much easier this time round – I only had some external grazing and a small internal tear that didn’t require stitching.  This VBAC journey was so empowering and has given me a new found belief in myself and my body.  I highly recommend this birthing course so that you too can be well enough informed to be in the driver seat of your birth experience.  Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you can’t do it – YOU CAN… that your baby is too big to push out – FALSE… or that a c-section is easier/safer – NO!!!… you can birth your baby naturally!  Find care providers and surround yourself only with people that believe in you.


Amanda & David Bernstein