Rina’s Birth – Everything all of a sudden made sense

Hi Nadine,

I just wanted to let you know that our baby girl Rina Sophia was born a week ago! She is perfectly healthy and was 3.23kg at birth. All those scans saying she was tiny were such a joke.
I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for the She Births course!

I hadn’t understood completely how to use all the tools and information you gave us until I went into labour and everything you said all of the sudden made such huge sense to me!

I was listening to visualizations all the way through (almost 30 hours). We started at the birth center but had to transfer to delivery ward at the end.

But I felt empowered to make the best decisions for me and the baby. Caitlin was there to guide us through and I don’t think I would be able to do what I did without her support too.

It was a truly transformational experience and I believe it’s every woman’s right to have a natural birth!

Keep spreading your knowledge!

Thanks again from the bottom of my heart!
Alina, Rina & Max