Zen’s Birth – Pushing before 10cm can be right!

Firstly can I say a huge apology for not touching base sooner. Zen is now four months yesterday and I am sorry we haven’t emailed to say hi and tell you all is well.

Our beautiful baby boy arrived 20 jan and came out so beautiful and calm and alert. He was touching my face and watching me the second he was out. It was amazing!!! Our daughter Amika is absolutely ecstatic she has a baby, and we have had to do some changes here as she really does think he’s her baby and we need to implement some boundaries for them both!:)

The labour was much much tougher than I expected. Actually no, tougher wasn’t the word, but longer!! My labour with Amika was over 24 hours because I wouldn’t dialate and this time it was the exact same amount of time. I went into labour the day before with quite regular and strong contractions and they kept getting closer and closer. But the issue was I had to stop my blood thinners for the labour if possible so I wouldn’t bleed too much and that meant they needed bub out in the 24 hours so I could get back on the thinners. So overnight I only dialated 1cm!!;) my body really fails at dialation!;) the doc broke my waters as we needed to get me back on blood thinners and in another few hours I had only dialated another cm! The thing was tho that during that time I was incredibly empowered….actually throughout the entire labour very empowered – thank you Nadine. The pelvic rocking was magic, and the visualisations and massage great…Daniel was fabulous and the acupressure worked a treat especially for the nausea and unlike our first labour where I vomited after each contraction I didn’t vomit once. It was my fave acupressure coz I felt like I would vomit again each contraction again but didn’t.

The issue was that I wasn’t dialating and the midwife then was saying I wasn’t in established labour (as I hadn’t reached the 4cm….!!!!) but the doc needed to speed me up for the blood thinners so he gave me the syntocinon drip and boy oh boy!!!!:) but Nadine it was fabulous. We moved thru each contraction really well and this went for another three hours. Contractions were very close together and very intense.  And in that time only one more cm! You can imagine…so by this stage two midwife changes and onto the third. I started to feel like I needed to bear down at that point and they checked me and I was only three cm. then something amazing happened. The feeling to bear down became really strong, the midwife refused to check me because I was just three cm. at the shift change I became very annoyed and told Daniel “tell them I need to shit right now!!!”;) that midwife checked me and Nadine you wouldn’t believe it…probably the most demoralising moment of my life!! The midwife gave me an internal and went “ooooh I feel the baby’s head!!!!” And Daniel and I were stoked!!! And then in the next breath she says but you are only four cms!!!!!!!!!!!! So essentially I had laboured which explains why the contractions were so intense and close together. But I just wouldn’t dialate!!

This was 4.30pm. They were very conscious of the time. I said to Daniel get them to give me the gas and pethedine. I lay down. The pethedine hadn’t even gone in yet and the second she gave it to me I said to Daniel to tell them I needed to push. Nadine with four pushes Zen came out! They didn’t even let me get to ten cms I don’t think. I had the mirror to help guide me and it was fabulous. The hardest part was feeling that the baby was nearly there but being told this wasn’t the case. Next labour (hopefully!!) I’ll make sure at that point I don’t panic and know baby is nearly here. The midwife at that point was still saying I wasn’t in established labour and had I not listened than I would have realised that panic was towards the end as u described.

Thank you so much Nadine. Everything you taught was so helpful and empowering. I meant to email when we came home and then Amika started preschool and w all my back training (and just now off blood thinners yay!!) I have only started to get online again.

I can’t say enough how helpful the course was and the tools and techniques you gave us made it such a wonderful much more empowering experience. Thank you so much. I hope this email finds you well. X