Zoe’s Birth – We surprised the midwives!


I first heard about She Births on the news, and was so impressed by the study results that I decided we had to do the course, and I’m so pleased we did.

It made so much sense to me that I should be creating positive expectations in my mind about birth, and I felt empowered about things that I could do to prepare and ways my husband and I could be a team throughout labour. I was able to dismiss the horror stories that people love to share and not let them make me anxious.

I was having contractions on and off for about 36 hours before they started to get really intense, the “big hip squeeze” was my saviour at this point. When I got to the hospital I was 8cm dilated, and was so relieved!

I spent the next few hours on my own in the shower, the hot water was amazing and I really felt in the zone, just swaying back and forth. Four hours after we arrived at the hospital our beautiful daughter Zoe was born, 3.79kg and 55cm long, after a completely drug free delivery. The midwives seemed quite surprised at how well I’d done and assumed it wasn’t my first baby!