MUST READ | Birth Stories recap

We know you love reading birth stories as much as we do! They’re always our most-read blog posts. Here is a recap of some of your favourites (click on the headings for the full stories): A surprise HOMEBIRTH – delivered by daddy doula of the year! “One of my strongest memories was knowing bubs head […]

SPECIAL EVENT | Transform your conception, birth and parenthood journey

The desire to have a baby, and the anticipation of giving birth, can feel overwhelming. I remember when I was pregnant my days were filled with stress and so much advice!! It can drive you crazy and you start to worry if you are passing all that worry through to your baby and your head […]

EXPERT INTERVIEW | Gut health for fertility, pregnancy and baby

As you know from doing She Births®, gut health is so important for your family’s health and wellbeing – and especially important pre-conception, during pregnancy and during your baby’s early development. I never stop editing, improving and developing She Births®. I have been educating about no wheat and sugar for over 10 years now but […]