Hugo’s Birth – Preparation creates empowerment

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To be honest I am very proud of myself to have been willing to give natural birth a go. Even the midwives in the private hospital sounded surprised when they heard I hadn’t had a pethidine shot or an epidural! Apparently that’s quite rare these days in there….and trust me there were a few ‘weak’ moments in the labour when I seriously considered these options!

I guess just knowing you can do it and knowing your body knows what to do and really trusting your body and having faith in it is invaluable. In fact, this got me through. I know for certain that if I hadn’t completed the She Births course and done my own pre-natal reading there is no way I would have had the birth experience I did.

In the end, no one else is going to help you except yourself….and going into birth rather than feeling scared I felt both prepared and empowered. I wonder how many other people can say the same? I attribute this in part to Nadine and having completed her She Births course.

So thank you, Nadine.



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