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When you choose a Doula with She Births® you receive evidence based support across pregnancy, birth and parenthood with our unique philosophy & methods

She Births® Doula Service

Women supporting women during birth is the most ancient mode of care and has existed since the beginning of time. Today the Cochrane Review (see below FAQ) explains how doulas can be the best tool in the birthing room.

To provide support during labour and birth and improve outcomes and increase maternal satisfaction through their continuity of care.

Over my years of working with families within the systems of birth I find the protocols and fear based culture we live in has only intensified and made it even harder for families to achieve a more natural and positive birth experience.

For 20 years I have supported families through their birthing experience as a doula – this is where I discovered the most about childbirth, transformation and also pain relief. Birth is scary no matter how it unfolds and it will be one of the most intense life events we go through. The birth room is the coalface and where I created She Births® but also where I have developed the She Births® Doula Service offerings that we now mentor our team with.

I am extremely happy to be able to offer our bespoke Doula Service infused with the unique She Births® philosophy and methods for pregnancy, birthing and postpartum.

Rest assured that by hiring a doula with us you are making a great investment in your family’s happiness. Doula care provides you and your partner with the best care and support during labour throughout this powerful and transformative time.

Nadine xxx

A doula with a difference

Nadine Richardson, She Births® founder is one of the longest standing doulas in the eastern suburbs of Sydney and with over half of our families asking her to recommend or send her little black book of doulas,  she decided to curate a team of the best in the business all trained and experienced in the She Births® methods.

Our doulas are experienced, intelligent, insightful, creative and nurturing. All these qualities are essential for a really great birth experience and birth outcomes. Our doulas have been trained in the She Births® method and practical tools and have worked alongside Nadine.

They value the importance of evidence-based and high quality antenatal education. They provide a container for discourse that will allow you to dive deep into fears and they facilitate ritual that will nurture and support in the inner transformational journey.

You can also learn a little more from the video below, taken from our Full Online Course.

Continuity of care

Our Doula Service is only for families who have completed the full She Births® course either online or face to face.

This allows for continuity in language, principles and tools. Our packages are uniquely created for body, mind and soul and you can tailor them for your needs and your budget.

Tell us a bit about you

Fill out the form below and let us know about your pregnancy and what type of birth experience you are hoping to have. We will come back to organise a personalised phone catch-up.

Explore your needs and wishes

During your 30-min chat with our Coordinator Amélie Patrux (who is a doula herself), you will understand how a doula can support your unique and individual needs, and birth preferences. Our service is based upon what Nadine has been providing to families for many years and what thousands of mums have told us they really want and need.

Let us find your Doula

Searching for a doula on Google isn't easy. So many different profiles out there ! Where to start?! Some might be great with marketing and have an efficient website but your best match might be a doula who only works by word-of-mouth ! We have a team of over 40 doulas with a wide range of profiles and skills. We will hold your hand across the 'meet and greet stage' so you can choose the best doula for your family.

tell us a bit about you


All our doulas have been selected by Nadine and trained in the She Births® method or worked alongside Nadine. This allows for continuity in language, principles and tools and you will be on the same page during your antenatal visits and during your birth whether you’re talking ‘Coffee Plunger Breath’ or utilising the B.R.A.N.D acronym. 

Our She Births® Doula Packages are only for people who have completed a She Births® course either online (full course) or face to face. Again, this allows for continuity in language, principles and tools between the clients and the doula. Our doulas enjoy working with She Births® families as education is the most important tool to have an empowering and beautiful birth.

The earlier the better! Good doulas are booked early and fast! At She Births® we recommend you select your doula around 18 weeks. If you are doing a fetal morphology scan around that time it might be good to confirm your doula once you have the results as that can sometimes throw a few different birth ideas into the mix with placenta position etc.

However, please get in touch with Amelie our Doula Coordinator as early as possible (13 -18 weeks) to do all the admin steps and select your package because our team get booked up very early, and especially if your Estimated Due Date falls on busy holiday times! 

According to a 2017 Cochrane Database Systematic Review, continuous support in labor may improve a number of outcomes for both mother and baby:

  • increased spontaneous vaginal birth
  • shorter duration of labour
  • decreased caesarean birth
  • decreased instrumental vaginal birth
  • decreased use of regional analgesia and any analgesia
  • decreased low five‐minute Apgar score and
  • reduced negative feelings about childbirth experience

Continuous support from a person who is present solely to provide support, is not a member of the woman’s own network, is experienced in providing labor support, has at least a modest amount of training  appears beneficial. No adverse outcomes have been identified.

View the full Cochrane review

Engaging with a doula is a very ancient mode of care during the birthing rite of passage yet the contemporary role of “doula” first emerged from the grassroots natural birth movement in the United States in the 1960s. The word originates from the Greek meaning ‘woman’s servant’ and the term doula was first used in a 1969 anthropological study conducted by Dana Raphael, a protégée of Margaret Mead. 

Of course you can! Complete the above form that will get sent straight to Amelie, our Doula Coordinator. She will send you more info and will organise a phone call with you to discuss everything in detail.