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Our Support & Care Doula packages are designed to give your family the best knowledge, support, care through pregnancy, birth & postpartum using the unique She Births® philosophy & methods


For almost 20 years I have been supporting mums and their families as a doula and loved every minute of it. However, while running She Births® and being a mum there are only so many weeks one can do ‘on call’. I have therefore also spent another 15 years helping families find and choose the best doula for them, when I was unavailable.

Our She Births® doulas are the best trained, most experienced, intelligent, insightful, creative and nurturing in the field. All the qualities are essential for a really great birth and doula experience. Our packages are uniquely created for body, mind and soul and you can tailor them for your needs, to your budget. 

Our Doula Support & Care Packages are for people who have done She Births® because great doulas get booked very quickly and they also like to work with people who are both well prepared and ready to create a beautiful birth, no matter what unfolds.

If you have done She Births® either Online or in a Weekend Course you know that our philosophy and principles are unique. So is our highly comprehensive tool kit. All our doulas are trained and skilled in the She Births® approach and have worked alongside Nadine. 

No one has ever said to me that their doula was a waste of money!  I have only ever heard families tell me, Oh My Goodness…Next time we are getting a doula!

Rest assured that you are getting the best care and support with the She Births® doula package. 

Xxx Nadine


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We have created unique She Births® packages for mums and families that are both practical and nourishing. Based upon what Nadine has been providing and supporting families for many years and what thousands of mums have told us they really want and need.

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Have a chat with our Doula Guide, Amelie Patrux and she can talk you through the strengths and skills of each doula. We are here to hold your hand across the 'meet and greet stage' or set up a 'chemistry call' so youc can have the best doula for your family.

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