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She Births® is the only scientifically verified childbirth education program in the world, proven to improve birth outcomes for mother and baby.

The comprehensive program provides information and support for pregnancy and birth as well as early parenting.

Available as a Weekend Course or Online Course, the program was designed by Nadine Richardson in 2008 and has since empowered more than 5,000 couples with the knowledge and skills to create a beautiful birth, no matter what unfolds.



Knowledge – Knowledge is power. We provide you with the latest evidence-based and holistic information so that you feel empowered to make educated decisions with your caregiver about your health, birth and baby.

Inner Strength – Women have the innate skills to work with labour and it is often a matter of simply learning them so they can be drawn upon automatically on the day. Most of the inner resources used for birth are Eastern techniques such as self-hypnosisyoga, deep relaxation, visualisation and breathing. They combine beautifully so you feel more calm and confident during your pregnancy and prepared for whatever happens on the day.

Outer Support – We will equip your partner with a comprehensive toolkit of skills, which you will have an opportunity to practice throughout the course, to enable you to work together as a team. Using these ‘doula type’ support strategies such as active birthing, massage, acupressure and more, you can reduce pain effectively and achieve a safer and faster delivery.


She Births® is designed to give the power of childbirth back to you and your partner in the most natural way possible.

It is through combining techniques alongside adopting an open mind that birth unfolds more easily. In every couple’s perinatal journey however there will be a moment of challenge, for which She Births® ensures you are prepared and ready to make the best decision for your family.

She Births® prepares you for every birth scenario, allowing you to create a positive birth experience even when medical assistance is needed or chosen. She Births® also empowers you to orchestrate individualised care within our busy hospital systems and avoid the cascade of intervention.


She Births® is the first and only childbirth education program in the world that is scientifically verified to lower epidural rates (65%), caesarean section rates (44%) as well as resuscitation of babies (53%) and even shorten labour by 32 minutes.


The name She Births® often brings up questions for people; wondering if the course is only for women. The course is for pregnant women and their birth partner; we welcome all families at She Births® – solo mums, same sex couples, elective c-section and elective epidural mums. And of course, partners and birth support people play a very significant and active role during the course.

She is about the masculine and feminine principles at play during birth, as well as our bespoke approach. We do not prescriptively dictate how birth ‘should be’, feel like, or look like as it is such a unique experience for everyone…only She can find that out for herself.

Apart from the obvious fact that only She can give birth, it is also She as a feminine strength that is awoken during this awesome rite of passage into motherhood, via a process of surrendering, trusting and letting go.

Just like there is a balance of Yin and Yang however, there is also a He within the She, a journey that is taken together. All families can awaken to aspects of strength and surrender, support and presence, both the masculine and feminine principles within each of us.

Through the challenge of birth we have an opportunity to connect to a deeper, stronger, clearer and more powerful part of ourselves. We can travel into the unknown and learn how to trust nature while feeling profoundly connected to our partners and our babies. Ultimately the rite of passage is a strengthening foundation for all families.



The Birthing Institute has both a Health and Corporate Advisory Board. Our health advisors work across research in obstetrics, midwifery and medical education.  Regular assistance from our social impact and health entrepreneurs allow us to grow She Births® globally and effectively deliver to as many families around the world.

Nadine Richardson

Chief Executive Officer

Nadine Richardson is CEO of The Birthing Institute and founder of She Births®.

Nadine is a health education innovator, a social impact entrepreneur and an expert facilitator. She has been a teacher and trainer in yoga, childbirth and parenting for over 20 years leading thousands of families on a journey towards strength, community and well being.

Nadine advocates for more normal births and promotes integrative holistic care, where obstetrics, midwifery and doula work create optimal outcomes. She is spokesperson for the wider yoga and birth communities and presents to numerous media platforms and conferences.

The team she has brought together at The Birthing Institute all have a passion for the advancement of society through innovation and disruptive enterprise. We don’t mind if its complex, as long as there’s a vision for doing something better for health, birth and humanity.

Jo Taylor

Advisory Board

Over the past 25 years Jo has worked in the UK and Australia with philanthropic foundations for families, corporations and government departments. Jo has had the good fortune to disrupt systems with courageous social entrepreneurs and partnered with Boards and Executive teams on strategy, leadership and organisational development. As General Manager, Operations, at the Paul Ramsay Foundation, Jo is responsible for working with partners to achieve outcomes at scale within the health and education systems in Australia.


Heidi Aldred

Advisory Board

Heidi works with a range of listed and unlisted companies supporting their governance, compliance, risk and stakeholder management needs. Previously as General Counsel/Company Secretary with ASX listed Computer Power Group and as a commercial lawyer with Allens Linklaters (formerly AR&H) she gained experience across a range of areas including international corporates, mergers and acquisitions and corporate governance. Heidi holds a Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Laws from Monash University.


Sue Turk

Advisory Board

Sue is a proven C-level executive with a record of accomplishment in driving commercialisation, transformation, business development and sales, cultural change, productivity and efficiency to exceed performance targets and build value for stakeholders. She has over ten years at GM and C-level driving performance and effecting transformation and change in start up enterprises to $200m+ businesses to deliver performance improvements and added shareholder value.

A builder and leader of senior management teams and Group COO leading a team of 12 portfolio CEOs/MDs running 16 businesses each generating up to $80m revenue, Sue has a proven track record in strategy development, business transformation, transformation and performance-led change through comprehensive restructuring, leadership development and management of staff.

Sue is also an approved advisor for the Advisory Board Centre, Australia.

Aaron Tait

Advisory Board

Aaron is the co-founder and Director of Innovation of Education Changemakers. As a global leader in innovation for impact, he is at the forefront of a movement of ‘entrepreneurs changing lives’. Aaron is the lead author of the 2016 book ‘Edupreneur’ and the leader of the EC Labs education accelerator. His out of the box thinking is supported by a diverse career that has seen him complete seven years of active service as a decorated military officer, lead a secondary school for street children in Tanzania and an orphanage in Kenya, complete three Masters degrees and graduate from Cambridge University. Aaron is a co-founder of YGAP and the creator of the organisation’s impact model which has supported hundreds of impact entrepreneurs across three continents and changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people living in poverty. Aaron advises companies and governments across the globe on impact entrepreneurship, is a Village Capital fellow and was named as the Australian social entrepreneur of the year by FYA in 2015.


Kaitlin Tait

Advisory Board

Kaitlin has a powerful combination of education and entrepreneurship experience. The holder of a Masters degree of international education, she has taught in schools across England, Australia and East Africa in both high and low SES contexts. As the co-founder of Spark* International and YGAP she has accelerated hundreds of impact entrepreneurs across Africa, Asia and Australia and overseen programmes that have changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people living in poverty. Additionally, as the founder of YHER and the One Roof Plus Accelerator (both exclusively for female entrepreneurs) she brings a particular strength around female leadership. Kaitlin was named as the 2014 Australian social entrepreneur of the year by the Foundation for Young Australians.



We’re passionate about delivering the best program for your needs. If you have any questions at all, give us a call on 1300 101 SHE (743) or email us at [email protected]. We’ll respond to any requests as quickly as possible.

“You will be born anew through the birth process. That is the biggest bonus no one is talking about. 

Nadine Richardson, Founder of She Births®