Post Natal Belly Belt


Wearing the She Births® Post Natal Belly Belt will help:

  • prevent abdominal separation and repair diastasis
  • strengthen your core muscles
  • boost your immune system by warming the kidney region
  • give you great posture for feeding and prevent back and shoulder pain
  • help with breastfeeding and good attachment
  • provide great back support when used with all baby carriers

Size Yourself:

Correct sizing is essential for the comfort and effectiveness of the She Births® Belly Band.

We currently stock black belts for ease of wash/wear. Sizes are roughly according to your jeans size pre-pregnancy but can be swapped at no charge if incorrect.

Tips for wearing your She Births® Belly Belt

You can wear the Belly Belt after a vaginal or caesarean delivery. It’s highly beneficial in both scenarios. The abdomen and the pelvic floor are interrupted, and general changes from pregnancy mean we need support to heal, whichever way we give birth.

Ideally wear your Belly Belt during the day and night for approximately 8 weeks after giving birth, as this is when the abdominal muscles repair and bind.

It’s also important to take off the belt for a couple of hours each day so that you don’t create a muscular reliance or weakness.

Start wearing the Belly Belt from 3-7 days after birth depending on how long it takes for your abdomen to settle down. Fluid retention around the waist will be greater after medication.

If you feel uncomfortable or you experience restriction of movement or impairment of your breathing at all, take the Belly Belt off and readjust.

Avoid washing the Belly Belt as it will take a couple of days to dry – simply sponge clean and lie flat or air dry if it becomes sweaty.

You can wear the Belly Belt next to your skin or over your clothes.

The velcro section is worn at the front. You can have the Belly Belt fastened in a diagonal line across the velcro at first and then wrap it in tighter and straighter over the weeks.




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