She Births® Prenatal Yoga

An uplifting dynamic practice to keep you strong & centred throughout your pregnancy

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not meant to be boring

Just because you are pregnant does not mean your yoga practice has to become boring or geriatric 🙂

Frustrated with the options available to her 20 years ago Nadine started to develop a unique and dynamic prenatal yoga practice in the heart of Bondi Beach.

She has taught thousands of mums and been acknowledged at national conferences over many years. Nadine is also the only Australian teacher to be included in the international award winning film Yoga Woman.

Nadine continues to share the power of birth preparation through her yoga at the original Bondi yoga school, Dharma Shala.

Alongside her scientifically acclaimed Childbirth Education Program, She Births®, Nadine’s Prenatal Yoga allows women to create a more natural, gentle and joyful birth experience. 

She Births® Prenatal Yoga For Pregnancy
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How She births® yoga is different

Our yoga is a feminine approach that honours a woman’s many phases and stages throughout her life, especially the awesome rite of passage through pregnancy and birth. 

Nadine has crafted movements and poses that can be dynamic as well as meditative, nurturing and healing.

Doing a practice that actually empowers you during pregnancy is critical. Being given options and the space to uncover intuitive ways to move and ‘sit’ is a great resource for labour and facilitates deep Self connection for the Motherhood journey ahead.

 Find a weekly class with Nadine at The Dharma Shala Bondi Yoga School.

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‘I learnt more in 2 hours from Nadine than I did during my whole yoga teacher training about pregnancy and birth.’ – Simone Lai

Benefits for your body & mind

  • Develop deep abdominal strength while maintaining an outer softness to create space for your baby and pelvic alignment
  • Encourage movement from the hara (the core) so to avoid depletion and facilitate grace
  • Open the heart fully and be able to embrace change with a deep trust in life
  • Move the body in spirals and circling motions to release collected tension in the hips
  • Integrate linear alignment so as to maintain safety and avoid hyperextension in postures
  • Encourage balance of both nervous and endocrine systems with props and breathing techniques
  • Create balance in our vayus (subtle energy systems) and maintain openness through the conception vessel and other subtle nadis
  • Modifications allow you to work with injury and across any stage of pregnancy
  • Feel clear in mind and body so as to be stronger and more empowered for birth and parenthood
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Prenatal Yoga Research

”Regular yoga practice in the last 10–12 weeks of pregnancy improves maternal comfort in labor and may facilitate labor progress. The researchers offer several theories for these effects.

First, prenatal yoga involves synchronization of breathing awareness and muscle relaxation, which decrease tension and the perception of pain.

Second, yoga movements, breathing, and chanting may increase circulating endorphins and serotonin, “raising the threshold of mind-body relationship to pain” (p. 112).

Third, practicing prenatal yoga postures over time alters pain pathways through the parasympathetic nervous system, decreasing one’s need to actively respond to unpleasant physical sensations.

Prenatal yoga strategies that help women prepare emotionally and physically for labor may help reduce pain and suffering and optimize wellbeing in childbirth by providing coping skills and increasing self-confidence and a sense of mastery.

More research is needed to confirm the findings of this study. However, yoga’s many health benefits and the lack of evidence that yoga is harmful in pregnancy or birth provide justification for encouraging interested women to incorporate prenatal yoga into their preparations for childbirth.” 

— Amy Romano MSN


“Prenatal Yoga was associated with reduced pain (mean difference (MD) -6.12, 95% CI -11.77 to -0.47), one trial, 66 women), increased satisfaction with pain relief (MD 7.88, 95% CI 1.51 to 14.25, one trial, 66 women), satisfaction with the childbirth experience (MD) 6.34, 95% CI 0.26 to 12.42, one trial, 66 women), and reduced length of labour when compared to usual care (MD -139.91, 95% CI -252.50 to -27.32, one trial, 66 women) and when compared with supine position (MD -191.34, 95% CI -243.72 to -138.96, one trial, 83 women)…. Relaxation and prenatal yoga may have a role with reducing pain, increasing satisfaction with pain relief and reducing the rate of assisted vaginal delivery.”  — by Smith CA, Levett KM, Collins CT, Crowther CA.

– Science and Sensibility

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"Birth is a deeply spiritual experience for a lot of us. It calls us into deeper connection, compassion and forces an inner growth like no other."
Nadine Richardson
Nadine Richardson
Founder of She Births®
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