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Are you ready to Become a She Births® Guide
or She Births® Educator in 2024

Through our 2024 She Births® Training Program you will be able to facilitate our world leading weekend courses and/or short sessions that help improve birth outcomes for mums and babies.

You will be able to transform the fear of childbirth into confidence and empower families with tools and techniques guaranteed to make a difference.

She Births® takes all the guess work out of education and allows you to make a real difference.

Help us in our mission to create more joyous birth experiences and move the current culture away from over medicalisation. 

Nadine Richardson with couple at She Births® Weekend Course. Photo by Raquel Pires.

Become a Guide or Educator if you are ready to...

Share your passion and commitment for beautiful births

Educate couples to have a more bonding experience throughout pregnancy, labour & postpartum

Ready to be part of a global team supporting one another with the latest information and research

Support women to have better and more normal birth experiences

Assist families to feel empowered for the challenges of the medical system

She Births® Guide Training

Watch and read pre-requisite video and reading materials

Attend 6 weeks of live Zoom training with Nadine & other experts in a
team of like minded Guides and Educators

Complete clinical’s, reviews and feedback forms within 3 week post

Participate in our online forums and bi annual retreats with all Guides
and Educators

No previous training as a birth professional is required

Able to teach and support families privately or in small groups as short sessions across pregnancy and birth

She Births® Educator Training

Watch and read pre-requisite video and reading materials

Attend 12 weeks of live Zoom training with Nadine & other experts
in a team of like minded Guides and Educators

Complete clinical’s, reviews and feedback forms within 3 months post training

Participate in our online forums and bi annual retreats with all Guides and Educators

Previous work as a birth professional is required

Able to teach and support families privately or in small groups as short sessions across pregnancy and birth

Able to teach Weekend Courses and large group workshops

We are so excited to be launching our 2024 training for both She Births® Guides and Educators.

We know that there are so many She Births® mums and dads wanting to help spread the word of beautiful and empowering births.

You may want to help your friends, students or even colleagues understand what is really possible with the right knowledge, tools and support.

You may want to deepen your own understanding of birth as well as make a contribution to your community.

She Births® Guides will be supporting families in whatever capacity they choose and do not need to be a birth professional.

She Births® Educators will be trained to teach Weekend Courses and must have worked as a birth professional.

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The She Births® method allows a deep transformation to take place within every couple. The process fosters a sense of trust in birth and security in each other. Not only are these factors critical to creating a more natural and beautiful birth experience, but also in creating the foundation for stronger, more resilient families going forward.


The She Births® antenatal education program was scrutinised in large randomised controlled trials within two mixed demographic hospitals in Sydney, Australia. The study was conducted by Western Sydney University and the National Institute of Complementary Medicine.

The She Births® program was chosen for this study because it incorporates more complementary medicine modalities than other childbirth courses and our own private normal birth rates are so high (83%).

This groundbreaking research highlights dramatic improvements for the Study group, who received the She Births® program, in comparison to the Control group who received the standard hospital birth preparation course.

Results were published in British Medical Journal and Midwifery Journal in 2016.

65% reduction in epidural rates
44% reduction in caesarean sections
50% reduction in medical augmentation using artificial means
53% reduction in resuscitation of babies
12% reduction in perenial trauma


She Births® and its unique methodology has continued to be researched over the last 7 years by numerous psychologists, medical schools, midwives and academics. We are currently awaiting results from major universities and publications are expected from 2024 onwards.

We were also part of a pilot within the private hospital system with over 120 couples and these results will be discussed in Nadine’s upcoming book.

The Birthing Institute is committed to ongoing research and development on a global scale. We encourage all our families who participate in the online or face to face training to complete our Post Birth Survey and continually assess and update our materials accordingly.

“Birth shocks a lot of fathers ...”

Dr Rakime Elmir of Western Sydney University has found that birth changes men. Those who are unprepared for birth can display symptoms of PTSD, including aggression, hypervigilance and detachment.

30% of Australian women describe their birth as traumatic
90% of families experience increased conflict after birth
2000 men and women in Australia are diagnosed with prenatal or postnatal depression each week
98% of She Births® couples say the program allowed them to create a beautiful birth no matter what unfolded
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lyz evans birth professionals

‘I have been recommending the She Births® program for many years to my pregnant clients, and the change in women after participating in the course is remarkable.

She Births® gives women the confidence to trust their bodies and the birth process. It provides them with the knowledge to make decisions that feel right for them as individuals.

One of the my favourite things about the program is how informed and excited the birth partner reports feeling!

Lyz Evans – Women’s Health Physiotherapist

By observing and assisting at a She Births® course you can decide if the training program is right for you. 

You can also apply and let us know you would like access to the Full Online Course, if attending a live workshop is not available. 

We can give you access to the Full Online Course for only $99 over 2 weeks, refundable from your training program.

“I learnt more in two days, than I did in my entire year of doula training.” – Louise

Being a She Births® Educator means you are skilled to lead our world class childbirth education program as a Weekend Course and hand the power of birth back to families.

Created by Nadine Richardson this program is a powerful transformative process that from fear to empowerment.

Ideal for inspiring teachers and birth workers who have the space to commit to longer learning and teaching times.

A She Births® Guide is a new and unique role within community. It is an opportunity to democratise birth education and offer short consultations or workshops.

As a Guide you will be able to help any family you meet in the lead up to birth so they can make decisions that are well informed and best for them.

Ideal for passionate mums, dads, yoga teachers, doulas, midwives and allied health professionals that are looking to expand their offerings and be of service to mums and babies.

It often helps to train and share knowledge as a team, especially within a hospital setting.

If you have a group interested in becoming a Guide or Educator then why not book an Information session with our Founder Nadine.

Learn what makes She Births® unique, make sense of the research results, understand how the program works in the hospital system and get tips from our comprehensive curriculum.

Contact us to discuss your workshop.

Supporting choice and team work for better births

In coversation with Midwife, Jo Hunter

It’s been amazing to watch the evolution of She Births® over the years and see how our couples as well as medical professionals have spread the word, supporting the program and the families who partake. It takes a great team to have a beautiful birth!

We are proud to work with wonderful Obstetricians, (some of whom completed the course themselves when pregnant) General Practitioners, Midwives both private and public system workers and many more health and birth professionals. Many of our Educators are also Midwives and long term birth professionals too.

This podcast is a conversation with dear friend Jo Hunter, a private practising endorsed midwife based in Sydney, Australia. Jo Hunter has been a midwife as well as a doula and educator and been helping families over 20 years. She is also the co-creator of a new documentary film we are all very excited about called BirthTime.

In conversation with Obstetrician, Dr Jan Dudley

The vision for She Births® has always been to reach as many women as possible and provide her with an education, in whatever way she needs. 

This video is a conversation about team work in the birthing room, as well as putting in the preparation. As well as talking to Dr Jan Dudley we have the inspiring Anna Kooiman who has worked many years as a TV and News Presenter in New York before coming to Australia to give birth to little Brookes. Anna achieved a natural posterior birth which we know it is not an easy feat! We hope you enjoy.

Nadine Richardson, Anna Kooiman and Dr Jan Dudley in conversation

Dr Jan Dudley has over 30 years’ experience catching babies in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. She is well-loved by many of our families, and talks about birth as an ancient art, the power of woman and the importance of surrender, as well as preparation.

For me our chat is all about choice and creating a team around you that you trust. Getting education, no matter where you are birthing, is absolutely critical. Read full post here …


Navigate our scientifically verified, holistic and comprehensive program easily and on-the-go

Stay up-to-date with positive birth stories, expert interviews and the latest research from around the world.

Not just an education program, the She Births® community is your support network for early parenthood and beyond.

The essential companion app for anyone attending a She Births® Weekend Course.

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With her in mind WHIMN
Buy rebozo, post natal belly belts, prenatal yoga video and visualisations, along with specialty packs for couples preparing for Breech Birth, VBAC and Caesarian Section.

Our brains encode negativity 10 times faster than it does positivity. All the more reason to read and share positive birth experiences that encompass every scenario.

Inspiring talks and enlightening conversations as Nadine sits down with some of the most incredible childbirth and parenting professionals out there.

An archive of quality books, film and websites on childbirth and early parenting we recommend to our clients.

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