Become a She Births® Educator

Through our She Births® Certification Program you will be able to facilitate our world leading program that helps improve birth outcomes for mums and babies and change the current culture of birth from over medicalisation to engagement and enrichment. You will be able to transform the fear of birth into confidence and empower couples with tools and techniques guaranteed to make a difference. She Births® takes all the guess work out of childbirth education and hands the power of birth and parenting back to couples. Allowing them to create a more normal and joyous birth experience and bond more deeply as a family.
Nadine Richardson with couple at She Births® Weekend Course. Photo by Raquel Pires.

Become a She Births® Educator if you are ready to

Support women to have better and more normal birth experiences

Educate couples to have a more bonding experience throughout labour

Assist families to feel empowered for the challenges of parenthood

Ready to work with a team of passionate leaders supporting one another

Training to become a She Births® Educator

Minimum 1 month pre-requisite video and reading materials completed

Initial 5 day face-to-face intensive training in Byron Bay with your group

A 3 month period to complete clinical’s, reviews and feedback forms

A 1 day intensive to complete training completed online as a group

Monthly online meetings with all educators

Continual ongoing support & assessment is provided throughout the 12 month period to refine teaching

Applications are considered based upon

Previous work experience with birth e.g. midwife, doula, educator

Skills as a teacher and facilitator

Passion and commitment for normal birth

Assisting and observing at a minimum of 2 face-to-face courses with Nadine Richardson is essential. It is ideal to attend one course prior to training and another course after training. Written applications and interviews are required before acceptance. 

As the She Births® brand continues to develop at an international level educator applications are assessed upon the contribution they will make to our expanding community as well as expansion in particualar regions.


How to Apply

1. Download and review the Prospectus:

2. Fill out the Application Form below:

Please note: Dates TBC If you are interested in becoming a She Births® educator, please submit an application form and we will be in touch with the next steps. You are also welcome to send any queries to [email protected]

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Do you want to feel Calm and Connected to yourself and your baby?

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