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janneke holding baby black and white

How to heal birth trauma and have a VBAC in the hospital system.

 (Subscribe on iTunes, Spotify) The She Births Show:   Janneke’s vaginal birth after cesarean birth stories in Australia and Abu Dhabi.   VBAC stands for vaginal birth after cesarean or, as I like to sometimes call it, ‘the near

excited parents annie and jared holding baby
Australian Birth Stories

Birth Story from Annie and Jared

An empowering experience for Annie knowing her strength and using the tools she learned from the She Births® course. Hi Nadine! I hope you are well & everyone is ok up your way after the floods. I am currently lying

birthing a 4.4kg baby naturally during a pandemic - podcast
Australian Birth Stories

Birthing a 4.4kg baby naturally in a pandemic | Tessa Tran

    (Subscribe on iTunes, Spotify)   The She Births Show: Birthing a 4.4kg baby naturally in a pandemic! | Tessa Tran Listen in as we hold space for Tessa and Viv to share their beautiful birth story. In the ultimate

Charlotte holding baby Romy
Australian Birth Stories

Doula’s supporting you during labour, isn’t cancelled!

During these uncertain times, She Births® Doula service is here to support families. Here is a birth story from Charlotte and Sam who used our service and had so much support from our Doula service. I and my partner are

Alexi Willemsen holding her baby
Australian Birth Stories

Birth story from Alexi Willemsen

She Births® loves to hear your birth stories. It brings so much joy to the team and we feel so grateful to be a part of your birthing education. Here is a quick Australian birth story from She Births® mama

K Smith birth image
Australian Birth Stories

Placenta Previa & C-Section – Birth Story

Describe your birth experience in 3 words: kind, exciting and magnificent How did you prepare for birth? Yoga, healthy eating, rest and visualisation How did you bring your baby into the world? C-Section What most helped you through the birth

Australian Birth Stories

Milo’s Birth Story

Introducing Milo John Morrison. Born 15.57 on Tuesday 16 February, 6 weeks early after I went into labour on my first day of mat leave. 😂 The birth was not what I had planned. When I did the She Births®

Australian Birth Stories

Australian Birth Story of Amelia

She Births® loves to hear your birth stories. It brings so much joy to the team and we feel so grateful to be a part of your birthing education. Here is a quick Australian birth story from She Births® mama

Fam-Photo luke
Australian Birth Stories

Mamas birth story of Tallulah Mae

Our labour story started on Monday morning at 1 am 1 week after my due date. I woke up with some slight cramping that felt like period cramps. I went to the toilet and returned to bed with the cramping

Victoria McFarlane 3
Australian Birth Stories

Overcoming language barriers and cultural differences birth story

A birth story from Victoria. She did the Full Online Course as she was living in Vietnam at the time. Read about her birthing experience, through difficult times with language barriers and cultural differences with the midwives and OB. How

Australian Birth Stories

Empowering birth of baby Alessio

I wanted to share my birth story with you and also the short video I created of our special day I attended the She Births course on the 18th Jan this year with Radha, I was 24 weeks pregnant at

Australian Birth Stories

Rapheal Alexander Birth

Hi Nadine, I had my baby last Sunday (exactly on the due date). His name is Raphael Alexander, 8 pounds, 52 cms. I had Lucy and a lovely doula helping me and I can’t tell you how tireless, intuitive and

Australian Birth Stories

Kit’s Birth – A beautiful meditation

Dear Nadine, I wanted to personally say thank you in helping us to prepare for the birth of our little boy, Kit. Whilst due to a number of circumstances we didn’t get to have a completely natural birth, what you

Australian Birth Stories

Owen’s Birth – the birth we visualised

Oh my goodness! I forgot to write and announce Owen Lito Posada’s entrance to the world. !!! Second: our story. We were 13 days “overdue” and went to the birth centre for the induction conversation. I was almost 5cm dilated

Australian Birth Stories

Luka’s Birth – Hong Kong midwives surprised

Hi Nadine Just wanted to let you know that your She Births® meditations worked a treat over in Hong Kong. I listened to it while I dozed in the early stages of labour. I am convinced it works on a

Australian Birth Stories

Viggo’s Birth – Avoid inductions and have faith

Hi Nadine, Here is (finally ;-)) my birth story! On 31 August at 1.30 AM our son Viggo was born! How happy and blessed we feel with this gorgeous little boy! She Births was the best preparation for the delivery.

Testimonials from families around the world

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