‘It is not enough to be compassionate – you must act.’ – Dalai Lama

Our Social Impact

Nadine’s vision is to make She Births® accessible to every woman on the planet. The knowledge and tools for better birth experiences are needed not only in the modern world, but also in developing countries, where c-section rates have risen between 70-90% in some capital cities.

We are proud to support TotoHealth through our one-for-one campaign via their revolutionary tech platform across Kenya and Tanzania.

Advancements in technology and collaboration with Indigenous communities and specialists in Australia, India and Africa are next on the list for change. Resources for hospitals, providers and families are being created, with book titles and a TV series currently in development.

2019 will see Nadine travelling to remote tribes in Namibia, Columbia and Brazil to develop a curriculum for a cross-cultural midwifery exchange program.

Social Impact