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Beauty Bites are a beauty and gut health regime rolled into one affordable, bite-size, convenient healthy snack. Available in a range of delicious flavours, they’re pregnancy and breastfeeding safe.

Loaded with Collagen, prebiotics and probiotics they’re great for healthy hair, skin & nails – and gut health. Collagen also supports your postpartum body to repair and heal.

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body love mamas logo black and white

Bodylove Mamas is a dynamic, on-demand digital pilates studio built especially for each phase of Pregnancy, Postnatal Recovery and life as a Strong Mama.

Body love Mama is created with passion, experience and expertise by Ali Handley, a mum of 3 and a pre & postnatal Pilates specialist. This unique resource offers world-class instruction and allows you to work out anywhere and anytime.

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Qiara Pregnancy & Breastfeeding contains the breastmilk isolated strain Lactobacillus Fermentum CECT5716, which research has shown may relieve symptoms and reduce the occurrence of mild mastitis.

This probiotic helps restore good gut and breastmilk flora during and after antibiotic use & support the gut health of a breastfed baby.

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Thompson breastfeeding logo

The gentle & evidence-based method for pain-free breastfeeding.
If you want to breastfeed and reduce the risk of painful and stressful complications many women experience, we recommend you consider The Thompson Method to increase your confidence and be prepared.

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orchard street logo black and white

Orchard St. juice cleanses and apothecary range provide deep nourishment and allow you to reap the life enhancing benefits of high quality botanicals. Weave potent plant remedies into your daily life through divine culinary concoctions.

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Duaghters of india b/w logo

Our ethical and sustainable journey began at the inception of Daughters of India. It was an experience of precious moments with our friends in India, ensuring that we were creating a slow fashion label, with the highest ethical practices and support for the artisans and makers. This has always been held at the forefront of everything we do.

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black and white logo for newborn mothers

Whether you are taking your first step into a postpartum career or have decades of experience…
Newborn Mothers has provided world-leading and evidence-based postnatal education to professionals for over a decade, with 1500+ students in 60+ countries. If you feel called to support new families during this life-changing transformation, this brand-new training is for you. Click the link above to check out more.

Groto rainbow colour logo

Created by Zoë Foster Blake, Go-To skincare is clean, effective and very gentle. And importantly for kids – it’s bold and fun! Parents can trust it and kids love using it.

You’ll find samples included in your She Births Weekend Course Goodie Bag.

Made for Mothers logo

Made for Mothers is a food delivery service that focuses on the benefits of broth with unique, restorative botanicals. Created by nutritionist and mother, Jessica Smouha, the recipes are designed with a clear focus on making organic, nutrient-dense foods to nourish mothers through life’s transitions.

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Bliss Birth offers the Elle TENS Plus for hire and offers a long (8 week) hire period. They provide their “You’ve got this Mama” bag, valued at $10.95, for you to keep.The Elle TENS Plus hire is $89 + postage. Bliss Birth also offers a range of other useful pregnancy, birth and post-partum care products.

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BBC0. NEW 2022 Logo

Affirmations can help you remain positive and calm, whilst maintaining focus and mental control during both pregnancy and labour. These beautiful affirmation cards are modern, vibrant and large (A5) – designed to be seen from a distance and visible in darkened birth spaces.

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BD logo template for rewards page

The Birth Deck is a compilation of the comfort techniques that have worked best for Glow®‘s clients since it’s founding in 2010. Glow®‘s mission is to educate and empower all birthing couples 

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pk logo template for rewards page

Petit Kiddo Baby Bum Care Liniment is an Australian version of the time honoured French Liniment Oleo-calcaire ( don’t worry even the French born speaking people can’t pronounce it at the first time). A traditional, natural and environment friendly way of cleaning your babies’ bum, olive oil based.

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mothers cards heart logo

Mothers Heart cards are a beautiful collection of 44 powerful affirmations which speak straight to the heart of every woman who has ever raised a child. Each card invites mothers to pause for a moment and allow themselves to receive an inspiring messageof love and appreciation.

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aromababy logo

Australian made natural skincare for mother and child by AROMABABY – caring for skin since 1994.

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organyc logo template for rewards page

Organyc have created 100% organic certified cotton pads and tampons for women who care about the health of themselves and the environment. All you get is the comfortable, absorbent, hypoallergenic protection of organic cotton.

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Lyre’s exquisite range of non-alcoholic spirits provides an alternative for those who don’t wish to imbibe alcohol but are still to enjoy the merriment and pleasure of a nice drink at a soiree or a shindig. Lyres beverages are crafted to taste just like the classics they pay homage to – allowing you to enjoy your favourites as a no-alcohol option.

Free samples supplied at the She Births® Weekend courses.

H2coco was born in 2011, being one of the first companies to introduce 100% natural and 100% pure coconut water to Australia. We are making a commitment to always be conscious of our impact and ensure we are acting in a responsible way to enable us to be better for the environment, too.

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FK logo template for rewards page

We believe that food should taste great and be full of natural ingredients that work with your body, not against it.

That’s why you’ll never see any additives, preservatives or refined sugar in our products.

Only the best quality ingredients to help you live your best life.

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Hot Tea Mama is an award-winning herbal tea brand that supports women and womanhood – made by mums for mums.
Crafted from the finest natural ingredients, Hot Tea Mama’s range of delicious and functional herbal teas cater for your needs in pregnancy, birth preparation & recovery, breastfeeding, and help with sleep. 
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bambure logo rewards page

Our baby wipes are gentle for skin, convenient to use and formulated with natural ingredients that aren’t tested on animals, are safe, eco friendly good for you and good for the planet.

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Style AND function: we hear you, ladies! Hello Monday redefines breastfeeding wear into something discrete, stylish, effortless, flattering, supportive, light, contemporary and comfortable. all our gear is road-tested by our mumma friends (thanks ladies!) to ensure the right look, feel, fit and function.

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hs logo template for rewards page

For over a decade, Health Space has been dedicated to providing clients with an integrated approach to health and healing. Their goal was to provide Australian’s with a facility dedicated to positive health outcomes by drawing on a variety of disciplines and techniques.

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sn logo template for rewards page

snottynoses.com.au has evolved into an established and unique shopping experience, selling high quality gadgets for good health and good sleep – that really work!

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Power Super Foods Logo Grey white

Power Super Foods provide Australian-Owned, certified organic, highest quality and sustainably sourced superfoods.

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snuggle gully logo

We have used stretchy slings, woven wraps, ring slings, meh dais and full buckle carriers. It wasn’t enough. I wanted to share more and I wanted other mums to feel what I feel. That was Snuggle Gully in the make.

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memah logo

At Memah, every bag is hand-dyed, hand-woven and hand-stitched, combining the heritage of traditional Mexican craftsmanship with vibrant colour and contemporary, sensible design.So, whether it’s for your essentials or your laptop, whether it’s draped over your baby’s stroller or resting on a boardroom table, you can be sure that your Memah bag is a bold, uncluttered statement of elegance.

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Chris is inspired by the power of a photograph as not just a static image, but an emotional experience. and giving you an incredible experience in the moment

$20 discount off first maternity or birth shoot.


Birth Time education platform that hopes to change the face of maternity care across the world.

I’ve partnered with Birth Time so you can watch their multi-award winning film, Birth Time: the documentary at 20% off. 

Just click on the link above and use the Coupon Code: CICADA20 at checkout.

BoodyLogo(On white)

Conceptualised by two best friends who combined their passions for fashion and health to create an eco clothing brand with comfort, style and health at its core.

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YES logo rewards page

Profound purity Yes designs, formulates and creates products that as a minimum are certified organic, which guarantees their profound purity as well as all the other reasons why choosing certified organic is important. Our products outperform their old style equivalents of personal lubricants.

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The journey to create our delicious teas starts with the highest-quality organic herbs, rich in natural oils, carefully and ethically sourced from over 50 countries from across the world.

Ayurveda is our inspiration. Every blend is made with a specific constitution in mind.

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Alexx Stuart is an educator and change agent who founded Low Tox Life in 2010 after seeing the lack of transparency in our food system, personal care and cleaning products. She’s built a movement that’s non-judgmental, positive and says low tox peeps are a force to be reckoned with!

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NB logo template for rewards page

New Beginnings is an Australian owned brand dedicated and specialising in your well being during pregnancy, breastfeeding and newborn. A maternity range that leaves you feeling comfortable, confident and healthy throughout this very special time.

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the pregnancy academy

An online program teaching you how to have a healthier, stronger pregnancy, a calmer birth, a faster recovery post-baby & a smoother transition into motherhood

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Scripting is the practical application of upgrading your stories. It’s a secret weapon you won’t ever stop using once you realise what a creative badass you really are.

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Do you want to feel Calm and Connected to yourself and your baby? Phone Player

Do you want to feel Calm and Connected to yourself and your baby?

Let go of the guilt, worries, doubts and fears with this simple meditation.

Discover ways to connect with your baby and your inner guidance with Nadine Richardson, Founder of She Births®.

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