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Nadine Richardson

Contrary to popular culture I believe that childbirth can be the best day of your life. It is designed perfectly to be empowering, enriching and bonding. An awesome rite of passage.

Nadine Richardson is a mother and has been a childbirth educator, labour assistant (doula) and prenatal yoga teacher for over 20 years. She is the director of The Birthing Institute and creator of the She Births® program.

She Births® is her own holistic and evidence based birth course for pregnant couples that was developed within her local community of Bondi Beach, Sydney. After many years of attending births, supporting hundreds of families and influenced by her medically trained family she became inspired to develop a more comprehensive preparation for birth that made a real difference.

She has shared her unique methodology with over 12,000 parents for well over a decade. She lectures and runs workshops for midwives, doctors and health professionals as well as speaking within the corporate space about the importance of pregnancy/parental rights and birth preparation.

When my son was born I have to say, like many women do, the experience of labour shocked me! Even after 12 weeks of birth education I felt like my partner and I were not prepared with tools or knowledge to navigate the intensity and complexity of birth, or, for the greater challenges that came along afterwards.

Although we debriefed my birth experience I was still left with numerous questions about how my labour had unfolded. I began studying everything I could about childbirth and quickly became a prenatal yoga specialist and qualified doula. I studied numerous antenatal education methodologies and began using a far broader approach than most, including multiple complementary medicine techniques and a yoga based philosophy that aligns people with their own innate power.

Being immersed within the community and following peoples journey throughout pregnancy, birth and parenting has been the greatest teacher over the last 20 years. Although She Births® is now scientifically verified it arose purely from a deep desire to improve the quality of people’s lives and support new families. The thousands of hours in labour rooms, being that key person couples turn to for support, information and pain relief, has created the extraordinary course now available to everybody.

Although the statistics show that She Births® is the most successful program in the world to increase normal birth rates – for me, the biggest success of She Births® is that we empower couples to create a beautiful birth experience… no matter what unfolds.

Internationally Recognised She Births® Founder, Doula & Prenatal Yoga Teacher

Nadine is a health education innovator, a social impact entrepreneur and an expert facilitator. She is currently writing her book, hosting the extremely successful She Births® Show and developing a groundbreaking TV series that celebrates birth diversity.

Nadine advocates for more normal births and promotes integrative holistic care, where obstetrics, midwifery and Doula work create optimal outcomes. She is spokesperson for the wider yoga and birth communities and presents to numerous media platforms and conferences.

The team she has brought together at The Birthing Institute all have a passion for the advancement of society through innovation and disruptive enterprise. We don’t mind if it’s complex, as long as there’s a vision for doing something better for health, birth and humanity.

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