She Births® Workplace Program

Empowering Parents – Supporting Excellent Workplaces

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Benefits for your workplace

  • Attracts talent
  • Increases employee retention and engagement
  • Reduces costs associated with replacing lost talent and know-how
  • Supports an inclusive culture for all working parents enhances an organisation’s reputation and industry leadership

Benefits for your employees

  • Increases engagement
  • Increases advocacy
  • Supports staff returning to work
  • Helps maintain career momentum
  • Fosters a leadership pipeline
  • Builds an engaged parent community
  • Provides practical support, resources
    and tools


Our informational Corporate Mini-Deck is the perfect way to give HR a taster of what  in-house antenatal education could do for your workplace.

Dr Jason Kaplan - Cardiologist

‘I wanted to go to the course and learn about natural birth. It was an amazing experience to bond with Jess and to learn how to support her. Without the course I wouldn’t have known any of those things. The hospital based courses didn’t provide any of that information.

Birth was a really beautiful experience. I felt I could really support Jess – not just physically but emotionally too. ‘

Louise Cridland - Organisational Psychologist

‘Learning about neuroscience, the body and practical tools in the program empowered me to trust my inner strength and resilience. I now feel psychologically and emotionally stronger and more prepared for life in general. The skills you learn in the She Births® program are not simply birth skills, they are life skills that you use when managing difficult relationships, to high stress in the workplace. I would recommend anyone preparing for labour, birth and parenthood – while trying to manage a busy career – to do this program.’

Phillip Dove - Business Analyst, AMP

‘This has been nothing short of life changing. I just wanted to thank you for guiding us so beautifully and for giving Catherine the courage to be the phenomenal woman that she is. Through She Births® and your prenatal yoga classes, she was able to build the mental and physical strength that she needed to fully embrace the whole experience. You have a phenomenal product that every pregnant woman needs, wants and deserves.’

Marie Vinnell - Director, Societé General

‘I am extremely grateful and also humbled by your generosity of spirit
and knowledge about birth. She Births® allowed us to trust my body to achieve the birth we wanted.  I’m sure that the gentle birth has influenced the calm nature of my little girl. The techniques I learnt in the course were absolutely critical to the birth outcome, but the most important skill She Births® gave me was the confidence to do it. ‘


say our program allowed them to create a beautiful birth, no matter what unfolded


say She Births® allowed them to connect more deeply with each other


say that they could communicate more effectively with their caregiver and engage in decision making


of mums say that prenatal yoga was critical to helping them prepare for birth


In 2015, the She Births® antenatal education program was scrutinised in large randomised controlled trials within two mixed demographic hospitals in Sydney, Australia. The study was conducted by Western Sydney University and the National Institute of Complementary Medicine.

The She Births® program was chosen for this study because it incorporates more complementary medicine modalities than other childbirth courses and our own private normal birth rates are so high (83%).

This groundbreaking research highlights dramatic improvements for the Study group, who received the She Births® program, in comparison to the Control group who received the standard hospital birth preparation course.

Results were published in British Medical Journal and Midwifery Journal in 2016.


The She Births® Online Program guides you through everything you and your partner need to know in preparation for birth, and early parenting. There are 4 modules made up of short, engaging videos with Nadine Richardson. How you view the content is up to you – grab your dates and coconuts (you’ll understand that soon), and have a birth prep binge over the weekend, or spread it out over 4-6 weeks. With 12 months’ access, you can pause, rewind and review the content as many times as you like.


Our vision is to make She Births® available to all parents and our app is key to achieving this. We understand that the ways people are consuming information is changing and we have created the companion app to make learning more accessible. We are now available in person, and in your pocket. The app makes resources available for free as well as different price points, plus is the companion to the Weekend Courses.


  • Develop deep abdominal strength while maintaining an outer softness
  • Enhance fertility and maintain femininity
  • Open heart and embrace change
  • Release collected tension in the hips and other fascial adhesions
  • Integrate traditional and linear alignment to avoid hyperextension
  • Align pelvis and balance nervous and endocrine systems
  • Work with injury and promote self healing
  • Feel clear in mind and body for a stronger, more empowered life