Every Birth Story Shared Generates a Donation - NSW Regional Fire Services

The most powerful thing we can do right now amidst a culture of fear is help others through sharing our positive birth stories.

Your story is important to us and the world.

Birth stories are probably one of the most important ancient and critical elements of global culture change.

Stories are the original way we shared knowledge but also the way we each created confidence in ourselves.

All birth creates a revolution both within us and around us.

We want a peaceful and proactive population that can care for the planet and we believe this begins with a peaceful, loving and proactive birth.

Thank you for sharing your story with us.


julia Ashwood blog

Birth story of Delilah

A beautiful story from the lovely She Births® Mama Julia Ashwood. A beautiful baby girl was birthed into our world this time last week, brought on by that big old full moon. And was she in a hurry! Waters broke

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The Birth of Mavi

Birth Story of Mavi and Daddy Doula 2018 Oggi Yusuf , by Marije Kleverlaan When was your birth? Mavi was born on 1st May 2018 Was it your first? Yes it was my first birth, and Oggi’s second. He has a

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